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FAQs on LifeForce Abundance Coaching

Q: I've had this particular life problem for a long time. Can you really help me?
A: Sometimes all that's needed is a different perspective, or someone with different life experience than yours, to see a situation with fresh eyes. I may help you see possibilities for yourself and your life you have never considered.

Q: How can you help me when I don't know how to help myself?
A: When someone has been facing the same difficulty for a long time, or feels stuck, discouragement and hopelessness can creep in. In addition to helping you see new options, my naturally optimistic outlook can help motivate you and bring new positive energy to your own attitude. This will be fuel to help move you forward.

Q: How can you help me be abundant when I'm broke?
A: Abundance is much more of a feeling, a personal vibration, than it is about dollars in your bank account. It will be difficult to become wealthy if you feel poor! In our coaching sessions we'll identify limiting beliefs which may be keeping you stuck, perhaps "Everyone from my family is a loser, so I am too". Then we can shift those beliefs to more positive helpful ones, so you feel empowered to ask for that raise you deserve, or reach for a higher-paying more satisfying job.

Q: Will you give me a lot of difficult "homework"?
A: During our coaching session I will probably suggest some home practices to help you make the progress you want to in your life. Of course it is your choice to do these, or not, but they should be fun, not drudgery! For someone too serious I might suggest spending an hour playing with a small child, letting the child lead. For someone afraid of giving a speech, I might suggest rehearsing in front of trees, or stuffed animals (who can be very forgiving) before speaking in front of people.


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