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FAQs on Dreams

Q: How can I remember my dreams?
A: Keep a notebook by the side of your bed, and write down whatever you remember when you wake up, even if it's only a fleeting image or a feeling. Gradually more will start coming through.

Q: What if I have a scary dream?
A: Often scary dreams are shouting a message at you because you haven't been listening to the whispers about it. See if you can put yourself in a meditative state, then re-enter the dream to look around and gather more information about what it's trying to tell you.

Q: Are dead people really visiting me in my dreams?
A: My dream teacher says the world of the living and of the dead are only as far apart as the edge of a maple leaf. I believe dreams are the primary mode of communication between the living and the dead, especially if there is an emotional bond between the parties.


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