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FAQs on Natural Vision Improvement

Q: I've worn glasses since I was a child. Can I really improve my vision?
A: Many people who have worn glasses for a lifetime have learned to see in a more natural relaxed way, and reduced or eliminated their glasses. This can happen for you, too!

Q: If I leave my glasses off for a long time, when I put them back on I start to feel more tense and like I need to rush. What's going on?
A: When your glasses are off your natural vision starts to re-assert itself. When you put them back on your visual system resists, which is the tension you feel.

Q: Is vision improvement all about difficult eye exercises?
A: Natural vision improvement is about learning to look in a more natural relaxed way, without strain and "trying to see". It is not about visual calesthenics! It is more about noticing your unhealthy straining ways of using your eyes and brain to see, and replacing these habits with something easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.

Q: I had Lasik surgery a few years ago. Now my vision is getting blurry again. Will eye exercises work for me?
A: See the FAQ immediately above: natural vision improvement isn't as much about exercises as it is about learning to use your eyes in a relaxed healthy manner. Many people who have undergone Lasik surgery have found that natural vision improvement techniques and practices help them to see more clearly. This allows them to maintain the improved acuity they experienced right after their surgery, and in many cases to regain it if it starts declining later.

Q: Is vision improvement the same for near-sighted and far-sighted people?
A: Yes and no. Since those with either type of vision limitation need to learn to see in a more relaxed way, much of their visual re-education will be similar. Yet there are specific practices to help improve near vision which are different from the ones for far vision.


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