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April 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue has an article on the value of play. Enjoy!

The suprising value of play
 boy on swing  Many of us in this accomplishment-oriented culture think the way to get things done is to work hard and struggle, that any sort of fun is "wasting time". We look at little children at play with a bit of envy, telling them "Enjoy it now -- you'll never have it this good again!". Well, why not?

Do you have a hobby you love? Think of someone doing wood working, carefully creating hand-carved works of art, maybe toys for beloved children, or gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture. This is not his "job", where he earns a salary, but look at what he produces! It could be argued that he's as productive at this as he is in his desk job crunching numbers, and he's having a lot more fun.

So if it's possible to get a lot done and still have a good time, how can you apply this to the tasks you don't like, but have to do anyway? First, is there a small piece of the job you do enjoy? Maybe every time you have to go talk to a certain person in the office, you feel your energy lifted, and are more cheerful for hours. Be grateful for this! Is there some other part of the job that's not so bad, even though everyone else grumbles about it, and you feel really good when you've completed it? Give yourself a silent "Congratulations!" when you've finished it.

One thing children can teach us is to be absorbed in the task at hand. They are often as enchanted playing with a big empty cardboard box as with the complex game that came inside. If you focus on a task with most of your attention, not worrying about the past or planning for the future, it's easier to find some pleasure in it. If you're "going through the motions" doing something, with most of your attention elsewhere, it can feel like drudgery.

To have more fun traveling the roads of your life, it's not necessary to go on an exotic vacation. Be present with what you're doing in your seemingly ordinary surroundings, appreciating the task and yourself. Think of yourself as still a child at heart, always learning and growing, eager to explore the next challenge. See your life as an adventure, with you the hero or heroine at the center of it. What exciting chapter will you complete today?

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