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April 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about relaxing and receiving what wants to come your way. Enjoy!

Relax and receive
 yoda quote about trying too hard Most of us talk to ourselves, particularly when we're alone. In the last 20 years or so when I've been focusing on improving my vision, I've learned to encourage myself. Many years ago when I taught math, I also coached the cheerleaders, and who is more worthy of my cheerleading than me?

Once I saw that I tried too hard at everything, just like wise Yoda cautions against, carrying way more tension than was good for me, I started telling myself "Easy does it!". Or maybe "Easy and gentle, easy and gentle". Lately I've been saying "Relax and receive", recognizing that this carries the more passive energy I want to convey, and also the idea that there is probably no unknown danger Out There, only (mostly!) good stuff which can help me.

 receiving a gift You've seen those corny sayings trying to nudge you toward an attitude of gratitude, like "It's called the Present because it's a gift". If you're feeling grumpy, this could make you more grumpy! Yet I have to admit letting go of resentment about things I can't change, say the weather or an unexpected traffic jam, then looking for something positive, can really help my disposition. This morning it was a toddler in the supermarket with his Mom, greeting everyone he saw with a cheery "Hi!" and a wave. I joked to his mother that he seemed to have a limited vocabulary, but I liked his attitude!

An old cartoon shows a determined man pushing as hard as he can on a door that won't budge. Then when you scan the rest of the scene, you notice the sign on the door which says "Pull"! How many of us are like this, fighting fiercely against what wants to happen for us, when with a small shift, our way forward could be so much easier?

 welcoming the light In the Northern Hemisphere where I live, we just passed the Spring Equinox, so we'll have a little more daylight every day for the next several months. With my focus on vision, this is such a gift! There is no artificial light, no matter how bright or "full-spectrum", which facilitates clear human eyesight as well as natural sunlight. I go outside a few times a day, closing my eyes and raising my face toward the sun (even if it's cloudy), to just receive what feels like a blessing. Are there simple blessings in your own life you've been overlooking?

One final place to practice receiving is when things unexpectedly go right. You drop something and catch it with the other hand at the last minute. Or it does hit the floor, yet magically doesn't break or spill its contents. Or what you dropped is tiny, like a vitamin pill, yet you spot it and retrieve it with no trouble (thinking of vision again). Do you say "Thank you!"? Some people believe we have guides and angels watching over us at all times, protecting us from problems both big and little. So many things could have gone wrong, and didn't. Thank your lucky stars, or your guardian angel, fully appreciating the good in your life. The Universe is on your side. Relax and receive!

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