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April 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the risks of pretending you're OK when you're not. Enjoy!

Are you pretending you're OK when you're not?
 headache There are times when we need to put our own discomfort to the side to deal with something else more urgent. I'm thinking of a mother ignoring her own need for sleep or food to tend to her child, which loving mothers have done as long as there have been humans. Or maybe you're a dedicated office worker, regularly staying late to finish a project your boss needs, when your body is saying, loudly, that it needs a break.

Recently I gave myself a minor injury by doing too much and pushing too hard, which I have to admit is a familiar situation for me. I've sliced or nicked my finger more times than I can remember cutting up vegetables at the kitchen counter, or tripped and fallen when I was running or walking because my mind was on what I wanted to do next, and I was rushing and not paying attention. Then I usually tried to minimize this (to myself too), in order to continue with the activity.

 overwhelmed by schoolwork My life has given me repeated signs and messages to slow down, to be more fully present with what I'm doing at the moment. One of the main areas where I've noticed this is with my vision. For many years I've treated my eyes like a workhorse who never needs rest or care. Wearing those thick childhood glasses and still trying to function normally now feels like continuing to chop vegetables with a blood-soaked bandage on one finger. Giving my vision or finger a brief rest never used to occur to me.

A key part of vision improvement for me has been being more aware of how my eyes feel. If I'm starting to get a headache from being at the computer for too long, or feeling some tension in my shoulders or neck, yet I'm ignoring the tugs to change my posture or get up and walk around, I'm probably ignoring my eyestrain too. This is not helping my vision improve!

 high five If you're like many people I know, you've accomplished a lot so far. You've also supported and helped others, maybe with some of the same difficulties you have had yourself. And how is your self-care? If you wouldn't treat a friend's or child's problems as cavalierly and dismissively as you treat your own, this behavior probably needs to change. Please don't wait until you have some kind of breakdown or crisis before you start nurturing and nourishing your own personal energy.

Unfortunately, it's often human nature to wait until something is a screaming problem before paying attention to it. We're all busy, with many demands on our time. Believe me, maintenance and some simple periodic attention is easier than repair of an unwanted situation after it's firmly in place. If I could go back in time, I would wean myself out of those thick childhood spectacles, then discard them. What would you change if you had a do-over? Could you start now? There's no time like the present to create an even better future.

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