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April 2024 Newsletter

Hello, and an astounding April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about vision being a metaphor for Life. Enjoy!

Vision as a metaphor for Life
 elephant in living room What we see or don't see, or want to see or refuse to see, affects our behavior, which has a direct affect on our life. If something is right in front of your eyes and you're unwilling to let it in, this could have negative, even disastrous consequences. You have closed off an essential channel for taking in information about your environment.

Similarly, our attitude about what we see can guide our life. Are you walking around with a chip on your shoulder, expecting everything you encounter to be a problem, and every person you meet to give you an argument? You may end up drawing those grumpy complaining folks toward you, which will just reinforce your belief that your life is full of struggle and difficulty. You probably won't notice any of the delights and wonders which surround you when you hold onto such a negative outlook.

 optimism What is your attitude about your vision? (This likely parallels your attitude about your life, by the way.) "My eyesight will only get worse" or "It's getting harder and harder to read fine print" can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right". To paraphrase, "If you think things look dark and discouraging, they are". Could you shift your focus to see the joys around you, and the many possibilities?

Clients have come to me bemoaning their declining vision as they get older (when they're a few decades younger than I am), and I can feel that hopeless outlook permeating all throughout their life, influencing how they feel about their job and their marriage as well as their vision. "Always look on the bright side" can feel happy-sappy or Pollyanna-like, but there is a lot of wisdom in the saying. If you want to look for problems you can usually find them. (Did you ever have a nit-picky teacher or boss?). If you look for what's going well, you can find that too.

 pussycat seeing itelf as a lion How do you see yourself? Most of us have insecurities in one area or another. Maybe we pretend we're more confident than we feel, then complain to close friends that we're not good at this or that. To me this is sending a mixed message of "I don't feel that good about myself in this area, though I'm doing my best to ignore that reality". Shutting our eyes to what's right in our face isn't a good idea. If there's part of your life where you feel less-than, you can take a class or hire a coach or get help from an experienced friend. Doing nothing won't change the situation.

Although I was highly myopic at -10 as a child, teen, and young adult, I hate to admit how long it took me to address this and start to loosen those long-standing restrictive patterns. I pretended I could see fine in the thick hard contacts I got at age 16, though they were troublesome to take care of and uncomfortable. It was only when I discovered in my 40s that vision improvement was possible that I faced my situation honestly, and dared to hope I could change it. With whole-body exercises and emotional work and targeted vision practices, I've eliminated my dependence on glasses, and I continue to improve. Like Louise Hay wrote, "You can heal your life". It only takes intention, moving into the driver's seat, and taking control. And it's so rewarding!

For more on how your attitude about your vision or your life can affect the results you receive, click here.

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