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August 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm sitting with some fellow energy medicine students, more comfortable in a group than usual, probably because I'm outdoors and being fed by the Nature energy. Plus I so love and trust these women! I hope you have friends you can trust too.

Today's issue has an article on dream themes, and one on vision and rushing. Enjoy!

Dreams: Is there a theme to your dreams?
 school bus In paying attention to your dreams, you may have noticed patterns, or common themes that keep repeating. Maybe you often dream of cooking, or of children, or of battle images. Does this reflect a similar activity or scene when you're awake? Also note the meaning behind the obvious one -- of course a chef will dream of cooking! And perhaps this is also about "cooking up" some other creative project which does not involve food.

One of the most common themes in my own dreams is of school, both formal and informal classrooms, as teacher and as student. I have been a math teacher, as well as an instructor of many various subjects over the years. And like every dedicated teacher, being a student is a large part of my identity. I am always studying something. I wish I could remember everything I have learned in the classes in my dreams!

Just last night I dreamed of a friendly man I did not know asking me if I was planning to attend an upcoming dream class. He apparently wanted to spend more time weih me. While all my education-related dreams may be about the specific subject matter, I think they're about learning and growing in a wider sense too. Perhaps this dream was not so much about dream class as about me learning to be more sociable, and to connect with others more. While much of my own learning has been solitary, I realize some people learn better when surrounded by helpful others. Am I being urged to be a helpful tutor?

So I invite you to investigate your own dream themes. Are characters in your dreams asking you the same question over and over, or wanting the same kind of help? Or are many different dream individuals giving you identical advice? Consider your dream themes, or journal about them, and see if you can extract some useful message. Be gentle about this and have fun with it. Don't worry about missing some crucial dream wisdom, as there will always be another dream to wonder about the next night!

To see a recent school-related dream of mine, click here.

If you'd like to understand your own dreams better, consider a Dream Coaching session. Wouldn't it be fun to learn more about yourself, and about what your dreams are saying?

Vision: Does rushing hurt my vision?
 man rushing This culture rewards speed. The one who goes fastest is the winner, and not just in sports. This starts at an early age. In kindergarten we played a game called King and Queen, where a boy with a chalkboard eraser balanced on his head chased a girl with an eraser on her head around the desks. If he caught her, or her eraser fell off, he got to choose another Queen. If she caught him, a new King took over. Too slow and you lose your throne!

In 2nd grade, when strong glasses were already a key part of my identity, I sat in class doing a reading assignment, looking up when I was done. The teacher was surprised to see my face so soon, and quizzed me on the story content, making sure I'd actually read it. She exclaimed that I was such an excellent reader, I could get a job at a publishing company when I grew up. Clearly, reading very fast was a good thing!

We all know going too fast causes you to miss things, to overlook them. The man in the cartoon is losing what are probably important papers, because he's hurrying and not paying attention. Haste makes waste!

In improving my own vision and learning to do without that strong prescription I wore most of my life, I've thought a lot about my childhood wearing thick heavy glasses. No matter how fast I was, it never seemed fast enough. Yes, I was one of the fastest students to learn in the classroom, but I was seldom satisfied with my own performance. I could run fast, but with the glasses interfering with my depth perception, I could not catch a ball nor hit one, no matter how hard I tried. I felt defective. I wanted to interact with the ball before it moved away, and since I was not fast enough to do that, I also felt not good enough.

Like the tortoise in the Aesop fable, I've finally learned that slow and steady gets me where I need to be, in life and with my vision. If I take the time to look out the window, appreciating the scene and letting my gaze rove over the details, the images usually get clearer. They say it's never too late to have a happy childhood, so I'm having mine now, without being burdened by glasses, and without going any faster than I want to. Easy does it!

To read about more of my own challenges with vision and rushing, click here.

If you'd like to learn more about your seeing, and how to improve it, consider a personal Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't you love to see more clearly and easily?

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