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August 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was taken at the end of an energy workshop, where we all sat together outside around a firepit. Spending time with people who share my interests feels good to me. Are you doing this for yourself?

Today's issue has an article on using your dreams to solve problems. Enjoy!

Can your dreams solve that problem?
 confusion cartoon Dreaming is a separate state of consciousness from the waking one you're in now while you read this. Sometimes dreams seem to make no sense, and sometimes they make perfect sense. It's just that "dream logic" is so different!

Someone in a dream workshop years ago shared her short dream about a nefarious character, an obvious "bad guy". In the dream he was carrying an open umbrella. It was only raining under the umbrella, right onto his head, nowhere else -- no wonder he wasn't nice! This was so creative and unusual I still remember it.

Many well-known artists, musicians, writers, and inventors have gotten inspiration from their dreams. You might have heard about Elias Howe coming up with the idea for the sewing machine needle, with the hole for the thread near the point, or Paul McCartney "hearing" the melody for his hit song "Yesterday", in a dream. So can ordinary folks use dreams to find solutions too, or are they just entertainment for us?

Well, I think Dream Wisdom is available to everyone, and no one is really "ordinary" -- we're all special in our own way. I've asked for dreams to help me with a particular problem, maybe even writing a simple request on a piece of paper I put under my pillow before I sleep. I usually get something useful the next morning, which is often also funny.

Once when my partner was away on an extended business trip, I asked for a dream of us together, because I really missed him. I dreamed of us pushing a car up a hill! My Dream Guides have a sense of humor, and they did answer my request. Next time I decided to be more specific with what I asked for. And my guy and I did have a lot of fun discussing my dream.

If you have a work or relationship or health or financial problem, why not consider asking for dream suggestions? Be open to what you receive, and realize it may not come clearly the next morning like a prescription. It can be enjoyable to decipher the messages from a dream, as long as you see it as as game, not something to get stressed about.

Finally, don't worry if you feel like you're "missing the message". Stay open and see what comes through the next night. The Dream Guides want to help you, not frustrate you. If their message doesn't seem to be getting through, they'll send it differently. Appreciate what you do get, and honor the learning by acting on it. Just like most people, dreams don't want to be ignored!

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