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August 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and an amazing abundant August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is in my home office. It makes me laugh because it seems I'm looking up to someone wiser for guidance, not just trying to keep my eyes open for the camera on my phone. Are you letting in the wisdom which comes your way?

Today's issue has an article about being healthier, and staying that way. Enjoy!

What if staying healthy is easier than you thought?
 health is wealth image You've heard "Money can't buy happiness". Well, I don't think it can buy health either. It might seem like those with plenty of money can afford a personal trainer to help them work out (and motivate them to do so!), or a personal chef who only uses organic food, and this is out of your reach right now. Well, is that what makes someone healthy? I invite you to look a bit deeper.

To me health is more than lack of disease. It's being fully alive, functioning at your peak, vibrant and energetic. You do not have to be a top athlete to be healthy. In fact I think some pro athletes push themselves way too hard, putting performing above how they feel. If you're on the Injured List and can't play the sport you love, that's not healthy to me.

Health is about balance, flowing along with Life instead of fighting it. In the hot humid weather it's wiser to move your outdoor midday exercise to dawn or dusk. You don't have to skip it, feeling like a victim, but you do have to adjust. If you want a closer connection with your spouse (and I do think emotional nourishment and relationships are essential to good health), find a better time to talk together than when he or she is tired and grumpy from a long day of work. Sometimes timing is everything.

 human surrounded by an energy field Speaking of timing, how's the pace of your life? Do you wake up with a long to-do list on your mind, then rush around all day trying to complete the entire list, adding in every new task which shows up? This used to be me, and I can still fall into this pattern if I'm not careful. I've had to consciously make room for Slow Time, whether that's an hour of meditation, or a leisurely walk communing with the trees, or reading a book for pleasure. I find this makes me more productive when I do return to accomplishing, since I've recharged my personal battery. I have more energy and my thinking is clearer.

Health is all about energy. Take a step back and observe your life as if it were a friend's. Where are you leaking your energy? Is it that extra 40 pounds you're carrying around? Is it the constant worry about your elderly parent's illness, or that difficult co-worker, or some other situation where you don't have much control? Like the AA prayer says, aim to change what you can, to accept what you can't change, and to be discerning enough to recognize the difference. Stress is at the root of most health problems, and trying to change what you can't (like another person!) is stressful.

Finally, to stay healthy and positive, count your blessings. Focus on what's going right, instead of complaining about every minor problem. Many spiritual teachers talk about the power of a gratitude practice, that regularly writing about what you're grateful for seems to bring in even more to be thankful about the following day. Can you see "problems" as opportunities? Maybe you can round up a few people who have the same challenge and work on it together, like going for a group walk in the morning before work, since you all want to be more active. You'll make some new friends, which you wanted to do anyway. Then when you look back a year or 2 from now you'll be so proud of the improvements you made. A healthy attitude precedes a healthy body, and you can do it!

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