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August 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and an abundant amazing August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about being present, or not. Enjoy!

Are you here now?
 wrapped gift You've heard it before. The past is history, the future is a mystery -- all you've really got is the present! So why do we spend so much time and attention regretting a past we can't change, or worrying about a future that may never come?

We can't re-live the past, to make what feel like better choices this time. We can learn from our mistakes, and do better the next time a similar situation presents itself. We can apologize or make amends if we hurt someone else, then put the event firmly behind us, so we have all our energy with us now. Living in the past, with what-ifs and I-should-haves filling our awareness, is not being fully here.

 man running around a hamster wheel It's a similar waste of our precious energy to spend too much time fretting about the future. Mark Twain said "I have been through many terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."! Make plans, yes, and keep your grip on the reins loose. I've written in the past on how counter-productive it is to worry or to rush.
Having been in Corporate America for many years myself, I sympathize with the man running as fast as he can around the hamster wheel, yet going nowhere. I'm guessing he's trying to fix a past problem with the phone call, frantically searching for the quickest solution, while knowing he's late to an important meeting, and worrying about that at the same time. Putting myself in his position gives me an instant headache! And I wouldn't be surprised if he's starting to have stress-related health problems.
 group of deer outside the window The deer who live in the woods behind my home have long been role models for me of how to be aware, yet remain centered and not nervous. They aren't focused on the past or future -- they're totally in The Now. In this photo from last winter, they came close to the house to graze on the bit of exposed grass there, since all the other plants were buried under more than a foot of snow. I'm willing to bet not one is thinking "Oh no! Where will we get food tomorrow? What if it snows again?".

Even though the deer are prey animals, they have an innate understanding that they are safe, or can move to an area of safety if needed. What's the point of worrying about it? I haven't always felt safe, and know now how to identify that uneasiness for what it is, then correct it so I can be present, to give my best to the situation facing me. This could be a conversation, or an email I'm writing, or time alone appreciating Nature, or a weight workout. What is keeping you from being fully present? Can you practice being completely in the moment a few times today? You might find you really like it, and that you feel more alive.

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