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August 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and an abundant August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about resistance, and what may be behind it. Enjoy!

Why am I resisting?
 faces of resentment When we have too much to deal with, we can want to avoid it all. Some challenges do motivate us to tackle them, and so increase our feelings of competence and confidence. Others can be so overwhelming our whole energy system yells "No!" like a resistant toddler. If we can't walk away, we'll hold onto that resistant attitude, just trying to get through the unpleasant experience.

When I started looking deeply at the patterns underlying my visual blur, I realized I had often put up with a lot that was uncomfortable, visually and in other ways too, yet still tried to forge ahead anyway, doing the best I could. If I couldn't do something, all I knew was to try harder, study longer, follow another teacher to learn additional techniques. What I didn't do was step back from the action and the doing, or pause in my striving.

 elephant in living room Like the elephant in the living room everyone pretends isn't there, I was resisting seeing that I needed to slow down and rest, rather than to keep pushing myself to perform. My measure of my visual fitness was how clearly I could see the eye chart, with no regard to how my eyes felt or the level of strain they were experiencing. It was an important revelation for me when I learned that the root of most eye problems is strain, and the cure is relaxation.

In my fitness training, which I was obsessive about too, true to my over-doing nature, I learned that a muscle recovers and grows stronger when it's at rest. Hmmmm... Why was I resisting rest and relaxation, when all the wise ones said it was necessary to grow? I had hurt myself often enough doing too much, or doing it too forcefully, to know I had to listen to the subtle whispers from my body. Yet I didn't transfer this habit to my visual system right away, and continued to push my eyes to perform.

 struggle then growth Simply checking in with my eyes periodically to see how they feel, especially at the computer, has been very helpful. Do I need a long break from the screen, maybe to go for a walk outdoors or get a drink of water? Or maybe just a few minutes of palming, or some rapid blinking, will be enough of a rest for now. We want to give our eyes what they need, so they'll stay healthy and happy.

Every moment is new, if we let it be that way, and welcome it completely. Sometimes resisting the moment can just be an unthinking habit, the way we're used to reacting. Just because a similar experience was troublesome or painful in the past, doesn't mean it won't be rewarding and enlightening this time. My eyesight was a source of struggle for me when I was younger, yet now I can look at my world with joy and ease. The more I let go of resistance to seeing and allow the images to come into my brain through my grateful eyes, the better I see.

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