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December 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a delicious December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about moving toward what is good for you. Enjoy!

Are you facing your future with dread, or anticipation?
 dalai lama moving toward moving away quote Your future could be tomorrow, when you plan to do some holiday shopping and are already worried about the crowds, or not having enough money to buy what you want. Or it could be that long trip coming up, with a couple of plane rides, each a chance to miss a connection. Or it might be that doctor's visit when you're worried about a strange new symptom. How about imagining what could go right? Maybe, even if you do get delayed on your trip, you'll meet a fascinating stranger who becomes a close friend.

One approach which helps me keep the "so many things could go wrong!" worry at bay is to have a loose plan to get me to my desired outcome, make all reasonable preparations, then just keep going forward, knowing I've done all I can and that things usually work out for the best. Someone told me a long time ago that worry is negative prayer, focusing on what you don't want to happen! What's the sense in that? Like the old rock song says, hold on loosely. Don't let go of control completely, and don't hold onto the reins of your life so tightly your fingers start cramping. Some things you just can't control, like other people or the weather, so don't use up your precious energy trying to do the impossible.

 woman imagining If you look back on your life, you may realize that many so-called disasters were blessings in disguise. (One spiritual teacher calls these "gifts in strange wrapping paper".) Getting let go from that boring office job unexpectedly freed you to start your own business, which is much more satisfying to you. The ending of that troubled relationship made space in your life for you to get to know yourself better, and to eventually find a new partner who does seem to complete you, as corny as it may sound. And even that serious medical problem helped you re-orient your life and your priorities, so that now you're living your own dream, not someone else's.

If there are children in your life, consider playing this game with them. Children are naturally optimistic and imaginative, so you can ask them to come up with 3 or 5 things that are good about what looks like a problem. Say they lost a favorite toy. Well some other child will be happy to find it and play with it! Don't dismiss the child's sadness, just gently point out another way to look at this. If there are no children in your life, play the game with the child you used to be, feeding that joyous spirit of delight. Have fun with it, knowing everything really is all right. Life is good now, and the future looks even brighter than the present. There's so much to look forward to!

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Let me know what you've wondered about concerning energy medicine or vision or dreams. I'll be glad to write a short article addressing that topic. Thank you to those who have sent me questions, or see a question you asked me in a private session written about here. You're helping many other people! Enjoy the start of your December. I'll write again in a couple of weeks. Take care!

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