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December 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a delightful December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about giving, to yourself. Enjoy!

Giving to yourself
 receiving a gift The holiday season is gearing up, red-and-green-and-silver decorations having been in some stores since late October. The pressure to give just the right gift (so everyone knows you really care) feels intense. What to get for Aunt Sally, who has more than enough sweaters, or that new baby? You haven't had babies in your immediate circle for years, and aren't too sure what they like any longer.

The purpose of giving gifts is to express appreciation, or love, depending on the relationship. You may have close relatives, or friends or co-workers, with whom you usually exchange gifts. Well, do you appreciate yourself, with all you do? Maybe you deserve a gift or two also. When you buy that special necklace for your beloved sister, maybe you want to treat yourself to one just like it, possibly even wrapping it and saving it for your holiday celebration.

 imagining You know yourself better than anyone does. What would you really like as a holiday gift? It might not be something which can be wrapped up, if you're honest, or something new to wear. You, who do so much for others, want to be pampered! You might consider booking a massage or a day at the spa, where you can live in luxury, at least for a few hours, then leave feeling renewed.

A gift to yourself could be to hire someone for a day or two to do the chores you need a break from, the cleaning or food shopping or chauffeuring around of relatives to various appointments and activities. Or perhaps you'd like to treat yourself to a cultural or sports event, enjoying your time there and socializing, instead of "getting things done".

 opening a gift Maybe you are a giver at heart, and your biggest joy comes from giving to others and helping them, not necessarily from getting one more present yourself. Rather than showering your nieces and nephews or grandchildren with more toys they don't need, you might consider volunteering at a children's hospital or soup kitchen serving holiday meals, to spread some joy to those less well-off than you are. Sometimes the biggest gifts won't fit in a glittery wrapped box.

If you pause for a moment from your holiday hustle-bustle to reflect, you may realize you already have received some important gifts, your life and your health and all the time yet to come to give more, to others and to yourself. Give yourself some gratitude for all that's going right, and all the opportunities in front of you to make things even better. Gratitude truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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