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February 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a fabulous February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was in my first newsletter 2 years ago. I'm using it again to commemorate the anniversary. It also says to me though it is still cold here in NY, it is getting lighter and brighter every day, with plenty of reason to be optimistic about what's ahead.

Today's issue has an article on appreciating all levels of illumination. Enjoy!

Loving the light, loving the dark
 child with hands over eyes We're now about half-way between the darkest time of the year, the winter solstice, and the Spring equinox when there is equal daylight and darkness. This past year I feel I reached a new stage of development in my vision improvement. I was less bothered by the darkness, or felt restricted by it. In previous years my energy sank with dread anticipating the short winter days as autumn progressed. What did I do differently? Every day I made sure I got outside for at least a short walk no matter what the weather. Also, our early winter this season was considerably warmer than usual, leading me to feel less vulnerable and more relaxed.

In contrast, I know some people who don't like bright light, preferring the comfort and anonymity of darkness. This isn't me yet, though I'm starting to understand it better than I ever have. The darkness can be exciting -- I used to think it was just scary! One thing I do appreciate about the dark is that it forces me to slow down and be present. It's easier to rush in bright daylight, and rushing is a bad habit I'd like to stop. I want to be fully aware, to notice and savor all the sights around me.

Though it still feels like it gets dark too early now, I do enjoy my walks at night, or especially at sunset. There's something magical about that vibrant splash of color all across the horizon, glowing steadily while my surroundings get dimmer. The growing darkness highlights the sunset, making it more vivid. It wouldn't be nearly as special in broad daylight.

I'm noticing I enjoy cloudy or rainy days too now, appreciating the soft muted light, when not too long ago I thought it wasn't bright enough to see well. I often didn't go out on rainy days unless I needed something badly -- I could feel the tension in my body, the nervousness about not being able to see. Now this is not a problem at all. When I'm walking in the rain, it actually seems more shiny, as if every raindrop is reflecting an extra bit of light.

Do you stay inside on darker days? Challenge that assumption that you won't be able to see well enough. You may have to go a bit more slowly -- that doesn't mean you can't go at all! Similarly, if you reach for your strong sunglasses before even venturing outside, see if you can hold off just a little bit, and explore what you feel. Light is your friend, and so is darkness. You might want to get to know both of them better.

You can read more about appreciating seeing after dark here.

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