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February 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a fantastic February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is an anniversary one, which I used in my first newsletter in February 2014.

Today's issue has an article about ways to escape your routine. Enjoy!

Are you tired of the routine?
 boy doll "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", the old saying goes. Even if you're lucky enough to have work you love, the bills or family arguments or drudgery of that fitness routine the doctor recommended can seem like work too, and can interfere with our usual good attitude.

The body and mind are comfortable with routine, and some routine is necessary to be healthy and peaceful. Who wants a life of chaos? Yet too much routine, the "same old, same old" day after day, and you'll soon be stuck in a rut. How can we avoid this?

My first simple suggestion, which works in many areas, is to notice how you feel, then admit it to yourself. You want to be real, not just a looking-good doll or robot, who is going through the motions of living. Say "I'd like something different right now" -- does that feel true? If others think you're happy and you know you're not, something needs to change.

My next thought, now that you're consciously aware of where you feel tied to an unwanted routine, is to look for something small you can change. You're not ready to sell your house and move to a tropical island (at least not yet!), but maybe you could plan a night out of town soon. Or you could shake up your habitual pattern by going to a new grocery store, or driving your car home from work by a different route.

We know the brain is bored by too much routine, starting to "tune out" (probably thinking "there's nothing to learn here!"). This is why minor changes can add a sense of adventure. Another way to spice up the usual routine is to really pay attention, instead of just being on auto-pilot, expecting the same input as yesterday and last week. Every moment really is new, if we're noticing and exploring it.

Finally, see if you can let go of your expectations, especially if you're thinking something like "My life is so boring. Nothing ever changes!". Life is dynamic and spontaneous, whether we're talking about weather or children or your friends or you. Appreciate the changes and growth you see around you and in you. Modifying the famous Alcoholics Anonymous saying, change what you can in your life little by little, accept what you can't change right now, and be grateful for all of it.

To read about a dream I had, where children had an unusual way to escape their routine when Life was too much, click here.

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