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February 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a fabulous February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about finding an easier way. Enjoy!

Let it be easy!
 frustration and resistance When I was in college and first started seeing those bumper stickers saying "Easy Does It!", it annoyed me a little bit. Don't tell me to slow down, I have things to do! I was working 3 part-time jobs putting myself through school and had a full class-load. So I thought the only way to accomplish all I needed to do was to push and to struggle. Easy Does It felt like goofing off!

For many years after college I carried this approach of struggle forward. If a task wasn't difficult, it almost seemed like I was getting away with something, cheating even. And I admit I took some pride in doing things which were hard, pushing my slim body in the weight room or running so many miles I was exhausted, or getting my Masters degree while I was working full-time. If it was easy, it hardly seemed worth doing. Now I wonder what I was trying so desperately to prove back then.

 Sisyphus A month or so ago it was time to re-register my car, then replace the registration sticker on my windshield. Every year I worry about this as it's so difficult, contorting myself around the steering wheel, being outdoors in cold Winter weather with freezing fingers. From inside the car it's very awkward, and from outside, reaching around the window pane, it's equally so. Plus I'm usually nervous about doing it wrong, as the adhesive is so strong that the sticker is nearly impossible to remove and not ruin if I accidentally place it incorrectly.

So again this year I faced this daunting (to me) task, determined to overcome it. When I mentioned this to my partner, he said he once saw a mechanic open the driver's side window, close the car door, and replace the sticker through the open window, from outside standing next to the car! He said he always does it this way on his own car now, and it's much easier. I could feel the circuits in my brain re-aligning -- could it really be that simple? Yes, it is. It only took me a minute or so. I'm still taking this in since it's such a big change in my attitude about this task.

 hands of creativity My experience with the inspection sticker makes me wonder where else in my life I've been struggling, putting forth major effort, when there might be an easier more enjoyable way. How can I stop fighting the flow? One change I've made is when my partner interrupts me while I'm working. Formerly I'd try to keep writing or reading, and still give him some of my attention, which wasn't honoring him or myself. And I could feel a headache coming on if this went on for too long. Now I stop what I'm doing, giving my full focus to my partner, or ask him to wait until I can, then turn my attention to my work. Multi-tasking doesn't feel good to me.

The artistic finger-painting hands above lead me to think of creativity, and children. My very fit partner once talked to his young nephews about working out, demonstrating wall sits where you "sit" with your back against the wall and knees bent. The youngest boy, a toddler, went to get a chair, placed it against the wall, and sat down! No, this is not much of an exercise, but it's certainly easier. Maybe those folks with the Easy Does It bumper sticker had the right idea after all. Could you find a few ways to simplify your own life? Let it be easy!

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