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February 2024 Newsletter

Hello, and a fine fine February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about making the view easier to see. Enjoy!

Could it be easy to see?
 man peering at the writing on a small piece of paper If you look around you at just a few people, it's easy to find someone straining to see. Perhaps they're in the grocery store, peering at the items on the shelves, or the signs above each aisle telling you what you'll find there. Dr. Bates, the pioneer eye doctor and scientist, said over 100 years ago that strain lies underneath all vision problems, from mild myopia to more serious maladies like cataracts or glaucoma. So why do we make the simple natural function of seeing so complicated and difficult?

First, we've been taught since we were very young that the harder we try, the more we'll accomplish, that nothing worthwhile is achieved without struggle. No pain, no gain! It's one thing to set your intention on a desired goal, then let that intention guide your actions as you proceed forward. It's another thing to strain and push, exhausing yourself. If it's that difficult, might a change of direction, or a different approach, be worth considering?

 man peering closely at a laptop screen Before I learned about natural vision improvement and dove in, when I couldn't see something well, I just pushed my visual system harder. I strained and tried, attempting to force my eyes to see better, considering myself fundamentally lacking, flawed even. In many other areas in my life besides my eyesight, when I couldn't do something I thought I should be able to do, I judged myself harshly. I had the belief that if I wasn't nearly perfect, I wasn't adequate. This was so much pressure!

Perfectionism can be such a trap. For years I was proud of my "high standards", since I was good at many things, though vision certainly wasn't one of them. Accepting myself for both my skills and that some ordinary things are difficult for me has taken a long time. When a child is learning to walk and falls down, she does not feel like a failure, she often starts laughing! She knows she can get to her feet again and keep going. The Chinese saying "Fall down seven times, get up eight" isn't only applicable to walking.

 happy child The first 2 images above are of people straining to see. This behavior was so familiar to me for most of my life, I didn't know there was another way to use my eyes. Do these 2 men look like they're having fun? It hurts me to feel how they're struggling. How could they be looking in an easier way? Do they need better conditions, like more light on what they're seeing, or to be closer or farther away? If their eyes are dry, maybe they need to do some easy blinking to moisten them. Or they might consider taking a break to rest and come back later, with a fresher mind and more relaxed eyes.

Vision is supposed to be easy and relaxed, like letting in a fragrance or taste or sound from our environment. We're usually not trying when we listen or smell, we just receive the input and interpret it. The picture of the happy youngster represents this ease and joy of receiving, with no effort necessary. So can we look and see with less struggle? Imagine what it would be like to gently open your eyes and just see everything in front of you clearly, like a child, with no squinting or peering. Hold that mental image of effortless vision as a goal, and notice yourself coming closer to that as your reality.

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My skilled insightful EFT teacher Dr. Carol Look will be offering a new 3-week 6-session series starting in May, Unlock Your Abundance. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. Note that your own abundance challenge may be financial, or with health, relationships, or in some other area. We'll have 3 activation sessions to get ready, the first on February 12th at 3PM Eastern. You can check out all the details here.

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