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January 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a jubilant January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm in the green striped shirt, at an energy medicine workshop supporting a healing. Sometimes it takes a village! I wish for you that you come out from the shadows in the new year, and have plenty of support for whatever you want to accomplish.

About my new business logo at the upper left, I wanted something that represents all kinds of vision, both inner and outer. A talented energy healer friend came up with exactly what I was hoping for. The rainbow colors convey to me the limitless healing possibilities available for all of us. May this image inspire you to take charge of your own growth with optimism.

Today's issue has an article on choosing to see. Enjoy!

Are you choosing to see?
 child with hands over eyes People tell me they'd like clearer sight, yet I see them engaging in habits which are obviously destructive to their vision. They'll smoke cigarettes and squint through the toxic gray haze they're producing, or spend hours peering at the computer without a break. If you want clearer sight, does your behavior support that, or undermine it?

As important as your actions toward your eyes, if not more important, is your attitude. Many people assume they can't see, so they don't! I've heard "I'm blind without my glasses" many times, from folks who won't even open a menu until they don their reading glasses. Notice how you speak about your vision -- do you say "I can't see a thing" in low light? Your eyes are listening!

When I started improving my own vision, I realized how abusive and neglectful I'd been to my precious eyes for much of my life, though I was healthy in most other ways. I now treat them like beloved children, or friends, giving them the nurturing and support and care they need. As a result, they perform like champions for me, and I'm sure to let them know I'm grateful. Are you treating your eyes like cherished friends, or like lazy servants who need to be punished to perform?

It's an overused analogy, but if you want your car to last and not break down, you'll get it serviced, changing the oil regulary. And I hope you appreciate all it lets you accomplish. The same is true for your vision, and you can't buy a new pair of eyes if you ruin the ones you have. A little attention to your vision, and trust in it, can go a long way to helping it thrive. Just like a child, your vision is always doing its best for you, especially if it feels appreciated.

You can read more about choosing to see, or not, here.

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