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January 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me looking up at a bird in flight. I chose the back view for this transitional month. We've left 2016 behind, hopefully having learned from it. We're moving on to the future now, which is sure to be full of unexpected adventures.

Today's issue has an article on being stuck, and some ideas for not staying there. Enjoy!

Are you tired of being stuck?
 man trapped inside a jar Let's say your challenge is exercising consistently. You wake up on New Year's morning, full of resolve, determined to exercise every single day. You find the gym is closed because it's a holiday, so you go for a brisk walk. Then the next day you have a dentist appointment you forgot about and there's no time for the gym. After a week you've only gone to work out once!

Don't give up. You have a worthy goal, you just need a plan which suits your lifestyle better. Think of the kinds of "exercise" you could do: yes the gym, or a brisk walk, or some calesthenics or even dancing in your living room. Find a time which works for you, maybe on your way home from the office or first thing in the morning, and do one of your routines. Doesn't that feel better than blaming yourself for not exercising?

A common reason people can feel stuck is what I call the "all or nothing" mindset. I worked with a woman who was trying to get control of her habit of snacking whenever she felt stressed. She kept herself on a tight leash, yet if she had one cookie, she'd figure all was lost and finish the entire package! Like the person who wanted to exercise and was defining it too narrowly, this woman saw "eating healthy" as never having something sweet!

Another way some folks mistakenly think they're stuck is if their natural tendencies run contrary to what they "should" be doing. Someone in a family of successful doctors may feel stuck in a nursing job she dreads, while her own health declines because she's so unfulfilled. The health care profession is not for her -- she was pushed into it. She'd be much happier doing something else she loves like teaching or working with children. She's not stuck, she's in the wrong job!

If you think you're stuck, take another look. What are you not seeing? If a friend looked at your situation, with a view that's less involved than your own, what would he or she suggest? Let your imagination run free -- maybe the guy supposedly trapped in the jar can unscrew the top and climb out! When I've thought I was stuck, there was usually another approach I was overlooking. And I wasn't asking anyone else for help or advice either.

Whether your current challenge is in the area of career or finances or health or relationships, I can almost guarantee there's a solution you haven't considered. Sometimes just taking a break from mulling over what to do, to go for a walk and clear your head, will open up your thinking to let some inspiration enter. Maybe you only think you're stuck! When you really understand that, and that you have plenty of possibilities, you can get moving again.

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