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January 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about nourishment, feeding your cells and your feelings too, with what makes them healthy and happy. Enjoy!

Nourishing Yourself Fully
 slice of cake Happy 2019! This time of year it's common to make New Year's resolutions with an eye toward improving ourselves, and some of the most common resolutions center around food. Maybe you hope to give up sugar or red meat, or stop snacking, or shrink your portion sizes. You may be hoping this increases your physical energy, or even helps a health problem start to heal.

The Bible tells us that humans don't live by bread alone (or by cake), that we need spiritual food too. Whether you're Christian or not, I believe being healthy includes the emotions. My years of energy healing training have taught me that trapped emotions like resentment or deep grief can lead to health problems. (To read about the negative effects which resentment can have on human vision, click here.)

 2  people hugging It's a truism in diet programs that when you overeat, you're not doing it because of physical hunger, that you're feeding your emotional hurt or lack. The best nutrition plan and portion control can't take the place of dealing with your feelings honestly, then taking steps to get what you really crave. Maybe that's some time alone to re-charge your batteries, after the busy holiday season of feeding everyone else's needs. Maybe it's a massage, or visiting a close friend you didn't get to see over the holiday break.

Everyone is different -- my needs are not yours. What that is not food would cause you to say "This is delicious!". A mountain hike with a sweet view of wildflowers? Time in an art museum savoring the masterpieces? Reading a spicy novel, or digesting a new article in your chosen field of study? Nourishing yourself completely is not a piece of cake (ha ha!), but you're worth taking the time and attention to do it. Wouldn't it feel great to salivate in anticipation of every day to come in 2019?

To read a dream I had recently about not being able to find food (which I suspect is about more than vegetables), click here.

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Please send me your questions and comments
Let me know what you've wondered about concerning energy medicine or vision or dreams. I'll be glad to write a short article addressing that topic. Thank you to those who have sent me questions, or see a question you asked me in a private session written about here. You're helping many other people! Enjoy the start of your January, and of this glorious new year of 2019. I'll write again in a couple of weeks. Take care!

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