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July 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a juicy July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was taken while I was eating dinner with a friend. I'm happy, and also a bit uncomfortable being in the spotlight. I've been working on being relaxed when I'm seen unexpectedly. Are you good at this?

Today's issue has an article on memory and vision, and one on discovering a dream ally. Enjoy!

Vision: Remembering clear sight
 remembering People have told me "My eyesight used to be really good!", with an attitude of despair, as if that's a distant memory which is long gone now. Well, do you remember the face of your best friend when you were 5 years old? Or the teacher you had back then? Those faces may indeed be gone, but they're not forgotten!

Brain researchers have found that the same neural circuitry is activitated when you remember performing an activity, as when you actually do it. This mechanism is behind "Inner Tennis", and other athletic practices where sports enthusiasts mentally rehearse their game or performance, in order to play better in competition. Well, this can work for vision too.

You've heard it said that once you know how to ride a bicycle, you never forget, even though it may have been many years. The brain and body remember. It's true that the skill may be a bit rusty if you haven't done it for a while, maybe like the gears on that old bike. That just means it needs a litle extra attention to return to full functioning.

"I'm a little out of practice at seeing clearly" feels better and more true, than "I sure can't see as well as I used to!". Believing you can see helps you see -- you did it once, without any effort or struggle, so you can certainly do it again. Just dust off that old memory and start reliving it, making it part of your present.

For more on using your memory to help your sight, including some of my own experience, see this article.

If you'd like to improve your own vision and return to that clear sight you remember, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't you love to see the world around you better?

Dreams: Discovering a Dream Ally
 fairy godmother Would you like more support, to feel like you have a team of folks cheering you on? Most of us get a lot more "constructive criticism" (which sometimes isn't very constructive!) than we do sincere compliments. Have you thought about looking to your dreams for that support?

Young children often have an imaginary friend who is as real to them as their flesh-and-blood parents, even though the parents may not believe in the friend! This friend can provide as much companionship to the child as another child would. Your dream cheerleader or fan or fairy godmother can be equally helpful to you.

People often tell me they dream of angels, or a beloved departed friend or relative. Why not call on that resource when you're awake? Imagine a conversation with that person or being, maybe even journal about it. I'll bet you come up with some useful ideas for moving forward, and feel less alone in your struggles.

Another common dream ally is an animal, perhaps one you're a bit afraid of in waking life. Maybe that tiger showed up to give you fierceness to confront the bully. Or you dreamed of a snake to remind you that you can shed the old skin, and what it represents, when it grows too constricting. You can tap into this energy -- if you want to be fierce like the tiger, crawl around and growl, feeling your power!

One of my teachers is fond of saying "If you don't know what to do, make something up!". Ask your dreams for the guidance or help you need, and let them create it for you. We're not meant to soldier on alone. Help is always available -- be ready to recognize it, even if it appears in a dream.

To see a recent dream of mine where I found support in an unexpected place, click here.

If you'd like to understand your own dreaming better, consider a Dream Coaching session. Wouldn't you love to benefit from all the wisdom and guidance that's coming through in your dreams?

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