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July 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical jubilant July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about embracing your experience. Enjoy!

Are you embracing your experience or resisting it?
 being embraced by words Years ago in my computer programming job, I had a sign over my desk saying "Accept it, don't fight it". There was a lot about the corporate culture I didn't like, and this was a reminder to me not to waste my energy trying to change what I couldn't. Since I was very young, I have been more comfortable with books and the printed page (or screen) than with other people, who often seem pushy and overwhelming. The way words convey meaning fascinated me, and I wanted to read everything I could get my hands on. At the time practically the only experience I let myself fully sink into was the written one.

So yes, I was embracing part of my experience, and benefiting greatly from that focus, especially academically. Yet much of my time with people, particularly in group settings, was spent in "getting through it" until I could be comfortably alone again. I wouldn't have said I was angry, though my energy was fighting back, in "accept it or fight it" terms. I was withdrawing myself from the experience, resisting taking part in it and being involved.

 moving toward Dalai Lama quote According to the wise Dalai Lama, by following this pattern I was rejecting Life. ACK! Why would I ever want to do that? Some of it was habit, my naturally cautious nature. Some of it was not feeling safe around others, or expecting not to feel safe, so never giving the new experience a chance. This reminds me of the vision clients who say they can't see well, then it turns out they're not really looking at what's in front of them!

If you don't look, you won't see much. Similarly, an experience needs to be met and faced, at least partly, to get any benefit or enjoyment from it. I think this is behind the Dalai Lama's words, that to move away can be an unhelpful focus, keeping your attention on the "bad" (in your opinion). I'm asking myself more often now what I want to move toward, even if that movement is slow, little by little, since I do want to embrace my life.

 optimism image Shakespeare wrote "Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". Wayne Dyer wrote "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". I heard a talk by a healer recently who emphasized the positive or negative impact of the way we speak to ourselves, suggesting someone call "stage fright" something different, like "stage excitement"! Hearing this, I could feel my energy lift. Our attitude has a great deal to do with how "good" an event feels to us.

Dr. Bates. the pioneer of natural vision improvement, discovered that the "same" view could be blurry or clear, depending on your feelings about it. Maybe your beloved child's face is rich in detail, while your angry argumentative neighbor, whom you don't really want to look at, appears harder to see clearly. There's no scientific reason for this, since we are not machines who just need to be re-calibrated to function optimally. If you expect to enjoy something, your energy reaches out toward it, visual energy included. Why not embrace your reality, and let it help you grow?

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