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July 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyful July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue invites you to be more gentle with yourself. Enjoy!

Could you be more gentle with yourself?
 Sisyphus pushing boulder up a steep hill Many of us were taught that hard work and sustained effort is the way to accomplish things and get ahead, that rest is for "slackers". We may push ourselves to the point of collapse before we feel entitled to take a break. Yet we also might have heard "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". What to do? No one wants to be considered dull!

The idea of rest gets a bad rap. You don't have to take a 2-week vacation to a remote tropical island to rest. You could lock your office door and indulge in a 10-minute power nap, which can be surprisingly re-energizing. Or you could treat your tired body and mind to a massage. If you're actively practicing vision improvement, some gentle fast blinking will moisten and relax your eyes, as would a session of palming.

 getting a massage Being more gentle with yourself isn't solely about doing things which feel like you're being pampered. Many of us work way too hard and worry too much, so how about choosing to spend some time doing something you truly enjoy? I'm not just talking about lack of pain and struggle, but instead seeking out some activity that's fun for you, something done purely for pleasure. It could be just singing a little song to yourself, or watching a silly comedy.

If your reaction to doing something silly is a shocked "Oh, that's foolish!", maybe this is a sign that you really need to lighten up. That Puritan heritage of subsistence living and constant suffering, and of deprivation being a virtue, can be hard to overcome. Don't force yourself because you feel like you "should", as that's the Puritan heritage again. Stick your toe in, or just be silly for 5 minutes, then go back to your normal pattern of pushing yourself. You might be surprised at how much fun it is to not push.

 relaxation quote When the Law of Attraction became popular a few decades ago and many folks were asking "What's my life purpose?", one simplistic answer was to do what you love, and the rest would follow. I think this has some merit, and there's more to it. If you love creating art or articles but never leave your studio or share your work with anyone else, no one will benefit. You certainly won't influence others, sell anything, or build a business.

It's possible you can find a few things about your current job to love, and emphasize those parts for yourself. Maybe this is solving complex problems, or exercising your writing or verbal communication skills, or helping others. Doing more of what you truly enjoy is good for you, body, mind, and soul. When I stopped focusing so much on what was difficult or painful for me to see with my then-limited eyesight, and looked for the good instead, more good showed up for me to see. We really were not put here to suffer, but to learn and grow and experience, in as playful a way as we can. Seriously, are you having fun yet?

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Let me know what you've wondered about concerning energy medicine or vision or dreams. I'll be glad to write a short article addressing that topic. Thank you to those who have sent me questions, or see a question you asked me in a private session written about here. You're helping many other people! Enjoy the start of this jam-packed month of July. I'll write again in a few weeks. Take care!

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