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June 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me at an energy workshop supporting another healer's work. Look at my face -- I think I'm concentrating, or trying, a little too intensely!

Today's issue has an article on resistance and what it does to our energy. Enjoy!

Don't make me do that!
 woman in thick eyeglasses Most of us were forced to do things as children we didn't really want to do, even if it was only to put on our clothes, or finish dinner before we got dessert. Depending on our own and our parents' temperament, we may have grumbled and complied, or felt furiously resentful at being bossed around. And sometimes we can hang onto this rebellious feeling for years, shutting our ears as soon as any message starts coming in. Don't tell me what to do!

Some people still feel annoyed at how much control their parents had when they were kids, and how little they seemed to have themselves. Holding on to this energy of automatic resistance can keep you from being "in the flow" and functioning with ease. An aware man in his 50s told me he'd just realized why he gets so aggravated when his elderly father asks him for help. When he was a child, his father told him what to do like an Army sergeant. If he didn't do it, he was beaten!

The mixed energy of "Yes, I could use some help. No, I don't like having the helper control me!" causes a log-jam in our energy system. We're not congruent, not fully receptive to the guidance or wisdom which could be coming our way. Part of us is fighting letting it in, not wanting the other person to "win". This dynamic can hold us back with teachers at school, or bosses at work, or even in our personal relationships.

Something which has helped me here is to remember the messenger is not necessarily the message. I've caught myself rejecting what someone has to say before I even listen, just because I don't like his or her appearance! I could be missing something important, and useful to me. Maybe a woman's hairdo is similar to that of a tyrannical female manager I had in my 20s. She actually got a horsehide whip as a joke gift, then displayed it proudly on her office wall!

As with many life challenges, I think awareness is key here. If I'm clear and present enough to realize I'm reminded of my old boss with the unpleasant manner, I can put that aside and pay full attention to the person in front of me now, even if she feels a little pushy. And I have more skills at relating than I did in my 20s, or certainly than I did as a child. If it feels like someone is trying to force me to do something, I can slow down and check what's really going on, then make a wise decision about how to respond. It's always my choice.

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