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June 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is on noticing when your tank is getting empty. Enjoy!

Noticing when your tank is getting empty
 child overwhelmed by studying The feeling of having no energy left to tackle what's in front of us has been described as "running on fumes" or being "out of gas". If our personal battery feels completely drained, could we see that starting to happen, and maybe head it off? Or do we only recognize that state once we're deep in it, when it's too late for prevention?

For several years I've held the intention of being on the lookout for eyestrain, then taking the necessary action to keep it from happening. For most of my younger life, especially when I wore strong thick glasses or contact lenses, eyestrain was so constant for me I didn't even recognize it wasn't normal or healthy. When I started vision improvement and learned my eyes were supposed to be relaxed, it struck me that my vision was hardly ever relaxed, except maybe when my eyes were closed.

 Bruce Lee quote True to my bookish nature, I started studying about vision improvement techniques which would relax my eyes. This makes me laugh now. Relaxation was so unfamiliar to me back then, of my body or my mind or my eyesight, I needed a book to tell me what to do to let go of the tension I was carrying. After several years of doing practices with minimal progress, I changed my focus, to look for the few times my mind or vision was calm. What was I doing right? Could I do that more often?

Like one of my teachers told us about energy healing work, vision improvement is more experiential than academic. You have to try out a technique, hopefully with some expert guidance, then see how your body and mind and eyes respond. Does palming or maybe noticing the visual swing relax you, or confuse and frustrate you? Reading about a practice, or just thinking about it, can only take you so far if you don't actually spend time doing it.

 eye in a clear sky When focused on vision improvement, I had to face my feelings about my limited eyesight. Many times I became upset at the long road ahead of me I needed to travel to be able to see in a minimally adequate way. Switching my negative attitude to one of appreciation and optimism felt like trying to get a massive ocean liner to make a U-turn. I still had 2 functioning eyes, and I knew how to learn, I told myself. I started to notice my eyestrain sooner, especially at the computer or when driving, then to take a break or do something else to rest my eyes, before they started screaming at me.

Today I am more aware of when I'm relaxed and when I'm not, being on "automatic pilot" less often. Healthy vision is about being in the present, seeing what's in front of your eyes right now. Memory of past scenes or imagination of future ones can help somewhat with improving vision, yes, but to really see better with eyes open, I need to be here and looking, letting in the images to interpret. If I start to get nervous or distracted, to breathe more shallowly or talk too fast, I know I'm getting away from the present. Then I'm usually able to stop myself and regroup. Do you know your own warning signals, before your pleasant demeanor starts to unravel? The calmer and more centered I am, the better I feel and the better my vision is. Take the time to let yourself see well. It is so worth it!

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