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March 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is cut from a group shot of me with close friends. I like how happy and relaxed I look, so I may use it on future newsletters for a while. Are you spending enough time with friends who make you happy?

Today's issue has an article on dreams -- are they ever really "ordinary"? Enjoy!

Ordinary dreams
 spacious office Many people dismiss dreams as mental debris or clutter the body is getting rid of in the night. They think dreams aren't worthy of dedicated attention, that they have no relevance to daily life. Or at most, they'll expect a handful of significant dreams in a lifetime, with the rest being meaningless static. I disagree.

Unlike some folks, I do not think every dream is necessarily a "sign from above", that if you dream of a big luxurious house, you should immediately sell your small home and buy a palace! I do think dreams are worthy of more attention than they get, that they can bring guidance you may not receive in other ways. Maybe that dream of the big house means your career or health or primary relationship is about to expand, not the building where you live.

The dreams which seem to get dismissed most readily are the ones which are least notable at first glance. The housewife dreams of driving her kids to school or cooking dinner for the family, or the farmer dreams about his cows or crops. Yet often this kind of everyday dream can give unexpected insight into a little problem. Maybe the housewife dreams of a new recipe, or the engineer of a new approach to a computer design.

Something I like to look at in every dream I remember is my behavior. Was I pleasant to others, taking responsibility and helping? In the more dramatic dreams of angels and space creatures, we can get distracted by the story and forget to look at our own role. In my dream, did I behave in a way I'm proud of, and what is this telling me about my behavior when I'm awake? If I'm angry in the dream, maybe I need to do some work to process and release the anger, so my relationships can be smoother and my life more peaceful.

Consider putting a small notebook by the side of your bed. When you wake, rather than leaping up to start your day, spend a minute lazily examining the dream images which are already starting to fade, then write down a sentence or 2 about what you see or remember. If you're artistic, maybe draw a quick sketch. Does anything come to mind right away that this dream could be telling you? My dreams often give me more questions than answers, but I always have fun exploring them. I'm thinking you will too, whether they're "ordinary" or not.

To see a very ordinary dream of mine, which still taught me something, click here.

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