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March 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me before the start of a recent energy workshop, leaning forward, eager to get underway. What activity which is a regular part of your life excites you most?

Today's issue has an article about changing unwanted habits, which may be easier than you think. Enjoy!

Do you want to change that habit?
 eye floating in a blue sky Almost everyone I know has something they're doing regularly which, if they're honest, they would prefer was different. This could be losing their temper and snapping at their family, or eating more than is good for them, or oversleeping and being late for work several days a week. Yet as much as we wish and hope and make resolutions, the pattern doesn't seem to change.

First, I'd ask if there's a payoff to this habit you say you'd like to release. Maybe you can't stand your mind-numbing job, and are late so often because you really don't want to be there at all! So the real problem is not your lateness. It's that you're putting up with an employment situation where you're miserable. If you can find another job more suited to you, you'll be excited to go to work, probably showing up early!

So once you identify a habit which you do want to change, start small. It's fine to want to begin an exercise program. However if you've been sedentary for years, just doing a little bit, say walking half a mile after dinner every day, will be a lot for you. Establish that until it becomes routine and almost feels too easy, and only then increase it. Otherwise you'll either get injured or get overwhelmed because you're trying to do too much, and you'll quit.

Something else which will help establish a new habit is being gentle with yourself if you "fall off the wagon". The saying "You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" applies here. And you know children respond better to praise than to criticism. So treat yourself in that loving way too. Compliment yourself whenever you notice you're doing the new habit. Good for you! You're making a positive change in your life!

Finally, have fun with it. Think of a baby learning to walk, the big adventure allowing him or her to explore the world, or at least the living room. After a step or two, BOOM! Down on the well-padded diapered butt. And the baby laughs! This is not a disaster at all, it's kind of a game. Can I take more steps next time? Treat your new habit like this too. You are growing and learning just like the child is. Appreciate your wonderful self!

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