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March 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the stress-relieving tool called EFT, what it is, and how it might help you. I've given you a short audio sample after the article so you can experience it for yourself. Enjoy!

Could EFT help lower your stress?
 performance anxiety image EFT is an energy tool which is becoming more and more popular. It's been shown to help with performance anxiety (see the poor guy to the left?), food cravings, even physical problems like backache or headache. EFT has also hastened recovery from injuries or surgery. EFT is an acronym, standing for Emotional Freedom Technique. The basic idea behind it is that most if not all problems, including those which are "purely physical" have an emotional component too. And if we can loosen the stuck emotions, we can help the healing.

EFT is often referred to as "tapping", because it consists of using our fingers to tap on acupuncture meridian points on our face and upper body, while talking about the problem we want to shift. There are many theories as to why EFT works. I think a lot of its power is in the combination of mind and body. We are focusing on the problem that's bothering us, say "my knee pain from that car accident", while tapping on the meridian points to loosen stuck energy related to the issue. We might say "I'm still angry about this!" or "My knee has been sore for years!" as we tap on different points, keeping our awareness on various components of our problem.

 EFT tapping points chart Typically, a round of EFT will consist of tapping on 8 or so points, saying something each time, then assessing what came up, so we know where to focus next. Anger is a powerful emotion, so it may be that "I'm still angry my knee got hurt" carries a strong charge -- you might get even angrier! This is good, since it means we landed on something important. Don't worry that we made the problem worse. As we continue to tap, the anger will decrease, and maybe some of the pain. We'd want to keep our focus on the anger, maybe at the other driver, or at having to take time off from work, or whatever applies.
Often, as we tap while talking about our problem, we can feel the energy moving through our body, as blockages and "holding on" start to soften. People may yawn during a tapping round, or feel pins-and-needles tingling around their head, get briefly nauseous, or even burp! When I'm tapping with clients and they yawn, I'm not insulted (thinking they're bored), I'm pleased! This body reaction is evidence to me we're shifting something which has been stuck until now.
 human surrounded by energy field Other common reactions to EFT are tearing up suddenly, or feeling a quick spike of anger, as a memory rises up which may be related to the problem we're addressing. We might be tapping on a boss not listening to your good idea, and your frustration and hurt feelings about that. Then an image of your stern second-grade teacher scolding you in front of the class comes into your mind. This old incident triggered the same feelings of powerlessness as your boss ignoring your idea. You had something important to say and the teacher didn't want to hear it.

When a memory pops up with uncomfortable feelings attached, as you continue to tap on your issue, the sting will decrease. You might even get to a point of understanding of the boss now or the teacher back then, perhaps about how busy they were, and that they were actually doing their best in a difficult management situation. EFT often leads us to have a broader perspective on an incident, when all we could see originally is how we ourselves were mistreated. Your goal is not to rush to forgiveness prematurely, however. It's to soothe yourself so you can think clearly, and make wise choices.

EFT has been a valuable tool for me, to clear my jangled energy and get my circuits flowing smoothly without static. Remember we are electrical beings, each within our own human energy field, and we can disrupt the energy, and therefore our functioning, with stuck and stagnant emotions. Why not give EFT a try? Unlike many pharmaceuticals, there are no dangerous side effects, and you could be led to greater peace of mind and a more fulfilling life. Who doesn't want that?

Here's a brief audio sample of me narrating EFT tapping for vision stress. I'll describe the points where we tap if this is new to you, and you can also see them illustrated above on the woman in red. You'll get the most out of this if you tap along with me, and repeat what I say at each point. Enjoy the experience! To listen, click here.

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