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March 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about structure and freedom. Enjoy!

Structure and freedom
 man running on a hamster wheel Some of us prefer a well-organized structured environment, while others would rather deal with situations as they arise, not having much of a plan. You might feel having a plan gives you focus, or that it traps you. The man rushing around the hamster wheel isn't having much fun, perhaps trying to meet a deadline someone else imposed. If we chose the plan or helped develop it, we're less likely to resist it than if it's someone else's plan.

Where do you think you fit on the structure/freedom continuum? Are you too structured, or maybe not structured enough? I've been told to "lighten up" many times over the years by well-meaning friends, who thought I wasn't having enough fun because I paid too much attention to the little details. A work buddy told me in my 20s "I'll bet you never run out of toilet paper!", as she described taking her last remaining roll from one bathroom to the other, until she could get to the store. This wouldn't work for me. I'd feel like I was getting an F in Being Organized!

 balance What makes you feel comfortable is the right choice for you, not what your friends or relatives want for you. I start getting nervous if there are too many incomplete tasks pulling at me, whether this be unpaid bills or important unanswered emails or household maintenance. Other folks might not be bothered by these "loose ends" at all, feeling fine about leaving the house with a sink containing dirty dishes. To each his (or her) own.

Balance is the key, a time for work and a time for play, as it says in Ecclesiastes. If I'm staying awake at night worrying about what I haven't done, that's not healthy. And if someone else is over-spending to soothe feelings about too much debt, that's not healthy either. If you like to have a structured approach, you may want to schedule specific time for leisure or play, rather than just hoping it happens. Similarly, someone else who is a "go with the flow" personality may want to schedule one day a week or every other week to sit down and look over the bills, rather than letting them pile up unattended.

 man walking up stairs as he creates them Like the man in the picture to the left, who is creating a staircase so he can climb higher, to a large extent our life is created by us, and by our daily habits. Yes, unexpected problems and accidents happen to everyone, and we often have more control over our fate than we realize. I think we're here to learn, to be happy, and to help each other. If it seems like there's too much structure in your life, or too little, you can usually do something about that.

Even while away on vacation, you'll want some structure, maybe familiar mealtimes and a regular sleep schedule, or you may have a hard time returning to your normal routine when you get back home. The body likes routine, as do children -- it's healthy and comfortable. Yet too much of the "same old same old" can be boring, if not stifling. The freedom of deviating from a well-known pattern can be exciting, partly because it is an exception. We need structure, and we need freedom, and only you can design the combination of these which suits your life best, and brings you satisfaction.

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