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March 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about competition and catching up. Enjoy!

Competition and catching up
 man on hamster wheel In my earlier life, especially when I was in elementary and high school, I thought I had to be the best at most things, particularly in the classroom. I was bright and learned quickly so usually did well, but a single mistake on an exam carried way too much weight. If I wasn't perfect, I wasn't acceptable, I thought. What a lot of pressure this was!

The man running frantically around and around on the hamster wheel reminds me of my corporate job, I hate to say. There was never enough time to get everything done, with many days more about survival than satisfaction. I felt like I was always falling behind, working hard all day, then leaving to go home with more loose ends remaining than I had faced first thing in the morning.

 man hurrying When I started vision improvement, it felt like this too. I'd been myopic for my entire life, and had so much lost time, and time seeing blur. to make up for! Other people seemed to improve their vision quickly, doing more things without glasses. What was wrong with me that it was taking me so long to see progress? It took me a while to understand that learning to see in a more clear relaxed way is not a race.

The school mindset of grading tests and ranking everyone can be disheartening if you're not a top performer. Even though I was great at some things, vision was not one of them, and this was such an important skill. As I got stronger and stronger glasses throughout my childhood, I took consolation in how quickly I could learn and excel at my academic subjects. I didn't think about my eyesight much because if I did I would feel like a failure. I had the worst vision of anyone I knew.

 reaching out to join others In gradually understanding what it took to see better and more easily, then in writing about that, I found others who were interested in this too. I was not the only person who was insecure in social situations, afraid I wouldn't be able to see well enough. It felt good when people reached out to say my words had touched them, or reminded them of their own experience. I did not have to be flawless with eagle-sharp eyesight to be acceptable, or to make a contribution.

As I continue my focus on bettering my visual acuity and ease of seeing, my competition now is myself. I am not trying to be "the best", whatever that is, just aiming to improve. When I can see something more clearly which was difficult for me in the past, I celebrate and know I am going in the right direction, whether this is with the eye chart or a face in a Zoom meeting or a person far down the sidewalk outside. Appreciate the details you can see, and appreciate your progress in whatever matters to you. The Game of Life is not a contest with winners and losers, but instead an enjoyable pastime. We aren't here to strive and struggle. Let's have fun, learn, and keep growing.

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