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May 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me having just arrived at a windy beach, talking with a friend who is off-camera. I'm appreciating my bare feet on the ground, after spending so many hours in a plane.

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on EFT and self-acceptance. The second is on how the out-of-doors can help your vision. Enjoy!

EFT: I accept myself. No, I don't!
 Eleanor Roosevelt quote A typical round of EFT starts with "Even though I have this problem (naming your specifc issue), I deeply and completely accept myself." Some people identify so closely with their problem, they're not comfortable saying "I accept myself" -- it feels like a lie. "How can I accept myself, when I'm so overweight, or my debt is so high, or I'm afraid to speak up to my boss?", they'll say.

One approach when this happens is to find different wording, perhaps "I am moving toward accepting myself" or "I accept that I have this resentment", something positive about the situation which can be said with conviction. If the voice in your head counters with "Yeah, right!", your energy is not aligned with the statement. See the second article (next to the large red "BIG BUT" image) in this recent newsletter, for some hints on reducing negative self-talk.

Awareness of a conflict is the first step to solving it, so congratulate yourself for noticing this kind of pattern. Try tapping on "I accept that part of me likes myself, and part of me doesn't!". Another EFT technique which may help and is fun is argument tapping. You can tap while saying "I'll be in debt forever. I'm such a loser!", then "No I won't -- I've solved other problems and I can solve this too!". By giving voice to both sides of an inner conflict, the pattern can start to loosen.

Something else to notice is how you accept compliments. Do you push them away and divert the attention to something else as fast as you can? Try just graciously saying "Thank you" (it's only 2 syllables!) and letting in the compliment as much as you can. Before long you may find you are starting to accept yourself more. And doesn't that feel good?

If you'd like to explore your own conflicting feelings or thoughts about self-acceptance, consider an EFT Coaching session. Together we can untangle your past from your present, to help you be more fully in the Here and Now.

Vision: Get out-of-doors to help your sight!

 Nancy outdoors and happy A recent Huffington Post article reported on the alarming incidence of myopia in young people in Asian countries, and the research into possible causes. The culprit was expected to be too much time at a computer, but this was not the case. The common factor among those who developed myopia turned out to be too little time spent out-of-doors. You can read the entire article here.

So why would your vision be better if you spent time outside? Natural light is a key component -- this is the most healthy and nourishing for our eyes (and brains!), the way human vision evolved. Full-spectrum light bulbs are better than poor indoor lighting, and certainly better than those awful fluorescent lamps which give sensitive people headaches. But there's nothing as good as natural sunlight for the eyesight, and for the attitude!

A point the Huffington Post article didn't mention, which I think is significant, is that out-of-doors you can let your gaze travel farther. You're not limited by the nearest wall, or the far wall on the other side of the room. You can look down the street for a mile, or to the mountains in the distance, or to the clouds overhead.

Your brain and body try to maximize your resources to do what you do best, and if you never look far, that ability will start to decline. So give your vision the gift of some time outside in Nature, while you easily look at and appreciate a distant scene. Use it or lose it!

To read more about my own experience of using Nature to improve my vision, click here.

If you're interested in exploring and improving your own looking habits, consider a Vision Coaching session. I'd love to work with you.

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