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May 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm standing with a friend on an outing before an energy workshop in sunny California. What are you studying which brings you together with like-minded folks?

Today's issue has an article about looking for a quick fix to what's bothering you. Enjoy!

Do you want a quick fix to your problem?
 quick fix cartoon The term "quick fix" has gotten a bit of a bad rap. "Act in haste, repent at leisure", the saying goes. If you have a problem, whether it be financial or health-related or something to do with your love life, of course you want it resolved quickly! And yes, sometimes what seems too good to be true is just that.

A "get rich quick" scheme can also have you losing money quickly, if you don't do your homework. Sure, you want that profit, but does the person selling you the plan have good references? Look at it like gambling, and don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Then if you do come out ahead, all the better.

Looking for an easy solution can hurt you healthwise. Or you might find an instant cure, if only one thing is out of balance in your life, like not getting enough sleep, or enough time connecting with Nature. Yet health problems often have many components, which a single operation or drug usually can't address. You don't want to just treat (or mask) the symptom. You want a cure, which can often mean you need to change your lifestyle in some fundamental way.

 shortcut quote Although I've always been physically healthy, I've also tended to worry, approaching most tasks with an anxious attitude. I expected something to go wrong any minute, and was always on the lookout for that, seldom relaxed. I was also always rushing, hardly ever enjoying the present moment, as if a predator was right on my heels.

If I had consulted a medical professional, there's a good chance I would have been prescribed some anti-anxiety medication. Instead I chose to exercise intensely to get the restlessness out of my body, and to practice meditation and mind-body techniques like EFT to calm my nervous system. You could say these were slow fixes, yet they were true cures for my anxiety, with no unwanted side effects!

So I invite you to take a look at your desire for a quick fix. Are you avoiding doing some research or consulting a few experts, or investigating where you might need to make a lifestyle change? If we're honest, we usually know what we need to do. And about "quick", is there really a need for a speedy solution? Something worth having is worth waiting for. You don't want to act in haste, then repent at leisure.

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