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May 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a merry merry month of May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the emotional factors which might be underneath that "purely physical" problem. Enjoy!

Could your physical problem have emotional roots holding it in place?
 woman with a headache The culture is changing, little by little. That old "a pill for every ill" mindset is slowly being replaced by the understanding that our emotions have a great deal to do with how we feel physically, and also with how fast or slowly we heal from a physical problem. Even the most scientific, logical, left-brained person can't deny that excessive worry can lead to a headache, for example. And the more you continue to worry, the longer the headache is likely to remain. But what about more serious problems?

My energy medicine teacher Deborah King tells us that problems with the body arise in our human energy field first. This field surrounds each one of us like an invisible bubble, radiating outside of our body and also inter-penetrating it. Your trouble might be long-held resentment, or self-blame, or angry jealousy, or some other destructive feeling, which is muddying up your clear healthy energy field. That negative emotion needs to be addressed and moved out. This might mean making amends for something which leads you to feel guilty. Otherwise the body will start to show symptoms, shouting for you to pay attention since you didn't hear the earlier whispers.

 sore knee At first glance a problem can seem totally physical, like an injury from a car accident. And if the injury hangs on for years and never seems to get better, my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or "tapping") teacher Carol Look has taught me there is probably a stuck emotion holding the pain in place. This could be remorse since you know the accident was your fault and can't forgive yourself, or anger at the other driver who was drunk, or even feeling entitled to the disability payments because you don't really want to heal and go back to that job you hate. I've seen over and over that if you release the emotion, the pain will start to lift too.
You can either hold onto an unwanted problem, or start it moving away from you, by how you talk to yourself about it. This is action related to your emotions, and sometimes we have to take charge and change what we're doing to change what happens in our lives. Wallowing in self-pity or resentment about being injured or sick seems to feed the monster and keep it thriving longer. Being gentle and compassionate with ourselves, recognizing we might need a break and taking that without guilt, is a healthier approach. Heal the mind, heal the body!
 human energy field It's my belief that we're all here to learn and grow, then at some point to reach back behind us on the path and help others with what we've learned. And we're also here to have fun, not to suffer! Pain, whether emotional or physical, can feel like punishment, when I think it's merely telling us what we don't want, re-directing us to something more beneficial. Let's try and take this kind of guidance gratefully, since it's helping us lead a richer life.

If you think of the healthy people you know, you'll see they're usually in a good mood, friendly and productive. You may think "I'd be happy too if I didn't have this awful disease!". Maybe if you choose to be happy, your body might start feeling better, if the emotional truly does precede the physical like my energy teacher says. We have a lot of choices, to obey the law or not (and suffer the consequences if we don't), to be grumpy or to be grateful on any given day. I would like a rich full vibrantly happy life as long as I'm on the planet, and I love knowing that my attitude has everything to do with that. It's my choice, and it's yours too.

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