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May 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about introverts, and how we can understand and appreciate them more. Enjoy!

Are you a secret introvert?
 being seen Brene Brown quote As an introvert, I've been considered anti-social because I don't like crowded noisy gatherings, much preferring quiet time with one or 2 friends, or to be alone with a book. In this extroverted culture where most people seem to want to be flashy and to outshine others, I have often felt like I don't fit, and wondered if something was wrong with me.

An extrovert is energized by being around others, and uncomfortable if he or she is alone for too long. An introvert, on the other hand, recharges his or her personal battery in solitude, and can feel the energy draining away when there's too much non-stop conversation, too many people talking at once, or other unpleasant intrusive noises or smells. What seems exciting and stimulating to an extrovert can be a hell of overwhelm for an introvert. No wonder these two personality types often don't understand each other!

 many demands from many people The extrovert/introvert spectrum is just that, a range with most of us falling somewhere in the middle. There are monks who live alone in caves, and hermits who rarely see another soul, who are farther to the Extreme Introvert end of the spectrum than I am. And the same person may be an extrovert in one situation, say as a loud demanding boss at work, and more of an introvert in another, perhaps at home with a bossy spouse! Each one of us has many facets.

After too many years spending the majority of my time alone, communicating mostly with computers or books, I began to want more human company. It surprised me how many people I found who spent their free time at events which had no interest for me, indoors at a (too loud) movie on a beautiful sunny day, or at a sports event where fights often broke out. This was not my cup of tea! I eventually found a group of dreamers I studied with for years, then energy medicine students, then others who were improving their eyesight. Even though I still seemed more introverted than most of these folks, they accepted me, which felt great.

 reaching out for another puzzle piece It's been key to accepting myself as an introvert, and allowing me to function as part of a group, to give myself the Alone Time I need, without apology. If I spend hours in a meeting with you, then decide I don't want to eat dinner together too, please don't take it as a personal rejection! I may love being with you, and maintaining my personal energy stores has to come first. Remember, I recharge my battery when I'm alone. I worry about introverted children whose extroverted parents are always urging them to join groups or go to parties, because that's what the parents enjoy.

When I first started to go away to dream or energy workshops, I quickly found that extroverted roommates did not work for me all. While they may have been lovely people, they always seemed to want chit-chat when I wanted peace and calm. I now know they were trying to recharge their batteries too -- it's just that what they did drained mine. We all have something to offer, whether it's in a quiet way or a loud and showy one. So please appreciate your unique self, and your neighbor or relative with that very different style than yours, and let yourself be seen. The world needs what only you have to give us.

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