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May 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a mind-bendingly wonderful May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about going faster than necessary. Enjoy!

Slow down, you move too fast!
 stopwatch Some of you may remember this Simon and Garfunkel song, which continues with "You've got to make the morning last". If we're hurrying through an activity, our mind already on what we want to do next, we're missing this precious present moment which is right in front of us. When I was a child I had lots of chores to complete. Going faster, often in a nervous frantic way, seemed like a solution then to "too much to do", although it didn't feel very good.

If you were rewarded for going faster than you wanted in the past, maybe at a job, is that behavior still necessary? Racing and rushing makes me anxious, like something dangerous is chasing me and I need to escape. I'm fortunate to work for myself now so can set my own schedule, yet find I still have to be careful of taking on too much, then having to rush to get it all in, or to find time for my personal responsibilities.

 man rushing Sometimes going faster than is needed is just a mindless habit. We may speed through most things whether we have to or not. If people often say to you "There's plenty of time!" or "What's the rush?", you might have this unnecessary habit. Does going more slowly feel possible, to better take in and appreciate what's around you?

In looking at myself when I was younger, I now think some of my habitual going too fast behavior was rooted in trying to feel worthwhile. If I got more done, I was a better person, I thought. Who wants to be considered a slacker? Since I don't have a boss or supervisor to please now, I can set my pace to please myself, remaining comfortable yet still productive. This feels a lot better than that constant disapproval that I'm not doing enough!

 you are here Another reason I may be going faster than is needed is that I want to get the current activity over with, so I can do something else I'll really enjoy. Hmmm... What if I could enjoy paying the bills, or washing the dishes? By speeding through these necessary tasks (maybe even resenting having to do them), instead of postponing my pleasure until I can go for a walk, or have a chat with a friend, I'm missing what's right here for me right now.

When I go more slowly, I allow more input to come to me, which can make even tedious activities rewarding. I'll notice the birdsong outside the kitchen window when I wash the dishes, or the fleeting thought of gratitude that I can afford my expenses while dealing with the bills. And the more I notice, the more I appreciate, both about myself and about my surroundings. Life is miraculous -- why race through it?

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