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Mid-April 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and an astounding mid-April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me on a lunch break from an intense healing workshop, which might be why I look a little space-y. I hope you're spending time regularly doing what nourishes you, in both spirit and body.

Today's issue has an article about creating, which I believe is why we're here. Enjoy!

How do you create?
 man drawing stairs and climbing on the Do you consider yourself creative? An artist or dancer or musician or a famous historical figure like Michelangelo may come to mind when you hear the word "creative". However it can seem a bit of a stretch to see yourself this way. Yet if you produce something new, that is creating!

To create means to bring something into being which didn't exist before. You are transforming an idea in your imagination into something in the world which can be shared with others, and possibly benefit them. Your creation does not have to be a work of art -- it could be a different combination of tastes in a recipe, or an unusual garden layout, or a new computer circuit design.

Once I read a study of young children and creativity. When the 5-year-olds were asked "How many of you are good at drawing?", almost every hand in the classroom shot up. A few years later, when asked the same question, less than 1/4 of the class considered themselves artistic. This made me so sad! The "creative juice" of these children was starting to dry up because they had received enough criticism they no longer believed in themselves.

 paint-covered hands One of my favorite ways to create is with words. I love to write, playing with the phrasing to express exactly what I'm feeling and thinking. It really does feel like play to me, not work. I've heard this from others, about "playing in my garden", or "playing with a new leg exercise" (from a fitness fanatic I know well).

When I'm creating a newsletter or an article about vision improvement, I can get "in the zone", losing track of time. Play has this timeless quality too, as if you're just opening your creative channel and letting the inspiration flow in, without any schedule or plan. "What about that?" you think, or "Maybe I'll try this" as ideas pop up.

I encourage you to play and create in whatever way brings you joy. Don't be like those elementary school children who colored outside the lines, or made the sky orange instead of blue because they had just seen a vivid sunrise, then believed the teacher who said their drawing was wrong! My dream teacher used to say "We dream it, then we do it". So imagine, and create away! The world needs your unique contribution.

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