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Mid-April 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous Mid-April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about visualizing the solution to your problem, and how it might help get you there faster. Enjoy!

Visualizing The Solution
 eye in the sky In my dream classes years ago, my teacher said many ancient cultures believed that events happen in the dream world before they happen in this waking reality. He also talked about "seeing around the corner", becoming aware of events going on at a distance, or in the future. He led me to question the strict linearity of time and space, which was quite a stretch for this math major! And I started believing we have a lot more control over what occurs in our lives than I had formerly thought, that maybe "what has to happen" isn't engraved in stone after all.

You've probably seen the negative effects of visualizing many times. Do you, as the weather gets chillier, think "Oh no, I always get a cold when Winter starts!"? You remember the stuffy nose and sinus headache and sore throat. You worry about this on and off until yes, you get a cold! Or you might expect some difficult situation to get even worse -- you can see that debt increase, or the important relationship which is showing strain right now deteriorating further. Are you making the unwanted thing happen with your pessimism?

 optimism eyeglasses The Law Of Attraction says good things will be drawn to you if you're positive and have "good vibes". I think this is partially true, and is also an over-simplification. Good thoughts need to be followed up by positive actions to really make a difference. It's unlikely Mr. Wonderful will knock on your door if you never go out of the house to meet new people, or join any social groups on-line, no matter how much you visualize your happy life together!
While it's good to visualize the positive outcome you'd like, and this is definitely more productive than visualizing things getting worse, it's not good to be overly precise with your details. You'll wind up so fixated on the specifics you're seeking, you could miss something slightly different which might be even more satisfying. Opening your horizons to that man who is a little shorter than you are (when you've always pictured "tall, dark, and handsome"), or to that woman of a different ethnicity, could lead you to one of the most satisfying connections you've ever had. One famous energy teacher says to ask for "this, or something better!" leaving the door open for possibilities you can't see right now.
 porthole Another danger of being too specific is getting what you thought you wanted, yet it coming as a result of something you didn't want. Maybe you imagined that bossy co-worker moving out of your immediate office area, and one day you find he had a fatal car accident! Or you get an unexpected inheritance when the bills are piling up, because you lost a beloved relative. Clearly, these tragic events are not our fault, but they can often set us back a step to focus on what really matters.

The kind of visualization I like best has pictures and faces, yes, but is more centered on how I want to feel than what I want to get or accomplish. Maybe I'll imagine a past energy workshop in a beautiful nature setting, with good friends I love, soaking in the feelings of being understood and knowing I'm connected. I don't necessarily need to return to that exact location, or to be with the same group of people, to make this waking dream come true. I'm just reminding myself what I want, to feel safe and loved and relaxed, priming the pump so to speak, so something similar (or better!) is more likely to happen. How do you want to feel? Visualize it, then guide your life toward that picture, making it your reality.

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