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Mid-April 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a meaty aware Mid-April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about what you might be missing. Enjoy!

What are you missing?
 elephant in living room Our human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the way we receive information from the environment around us. Our brain then organizes this jumble of input to make sense of what's facing us, what's important and what isn't. Yet how do we decide where to focus, and what to ignore?

With my formerly very myopic eyesight, I often had problems locating something small I'd dropped, especially if the light was dim. Yet I could see large shapes (like an elephant -- grin!). As I noticed more, I realized I could see quite a bit. I've found it's a better practice, in many areas besides vision improvement, to recognize what is going right, than it is to criticize myself for not being perfect.

 inspector examining a mystery Over twenty years ago, when I first started learning about and practicing vision improvement techniques, I mistakenly thought the goal was to see everything, to see it all clearly, and to understand it. Overlooking something felt like I was failing. What a recipe for overwhelm! Since one of the central principles of vision improvement is relaxation, I slowly learned I was putting way too much pressure on myself, and that this approach was getting in my way.

As I gradually calmed my anxious attitude, I realized I could usually see what I needed to see. When I dropped something tiny, like an earring or vitamin pill, I congratulated myself on locating it, thanking my visual system. Despairing that it was lost forever (before I even looked for it!) was not helpful. As I continue to learn to let go of even more tension and worry, I also seem to be able, naturally and easily, to focus on big or little topics which need my attention.

 expansive eye in the sky One of the big things I discovered about vision improvement, which keeps me fascinated with it every day, is that it's about a lot more than eyesight. Simple practices intended to relax a person's vision have been reported to help hearing, relieve a headache, or improve mental focus when solving a problem. We are each a finely-tuned connected being of energy and intelligence, so if there's a disruption somewhere, it's rarely isolated to one single part of us.

If you take a step back and look at your life as if it were a friend's, is there an elephant in the living room being ignored? Little steps toward improving a job or relationship or health situation can go a surprisingly long way, then pave the way for more steps when you're ready. You deserve the happiest, most fulfilling life you can imagine. If you act like your own best friend, you could start making that dream your reality.

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