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Mid-April 2024 Newsletter

Hello, and a melodious Mid-April to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how you see yourself, and whether you might want to modify that. Enjoy!

How do you see yourself?
 baby looking in a mirror When you look at yourself, or think about yourself, what do you see? Few of us have an accurate perception of our own essence, our strengths and our vulnerabilities. "To see ourselves as others see us would from many a blunder free us", to loosely update Robert Burns's words to current-day English. You might think a friend works too hard, or doesn't ask for the help she deserves from her family, when she sees herself as not doing enough, even though she often feels exhausted.

As I continue along the vision improvement path I started almost 25 years ago, it's rewarding to explore the emotional and metaphorical aspects of sight, instead of only focusing on increasing my acuity. I've been pretty confident about my mental abilities to think, understand, analyze, and solve problems. However I've been insecure about my nearsightedness for most of my life. If vision is 90% in the brain and only 10% in the eyeballs, where was the disconnect here, and what could I be overlooking or doing wrong?

 inspector examing the scene The longer I study vision improvement, the more I keep seeing an emphasis on the fundamental theme of relaxation, of letting go of strain, both mental strain and eye strain. For years I've described myself as "a highly functioning nervous wreck", which doesn't sound much like a relaxed person! I decided to change my self-image, starting with the small step of someone who was formerly nervous and straining. Describing myself as calm felt like too much of a stretch, so I told myself I was in the process of learning to be calmer.

Think of the many ways you've changed your identity over your lifetime, from a little kid to a big kid, from the fan of one team to the fan of another, from a corporate drone to a manager or an entrepreneur, from single to married (and maybe back to single), from child to parent to grandparent. You've likely healed from broken bones or other injuries you didn't see as permanent, so why should a current vision restriction be any different? When I started to play with seeing myself as "formerly nearsighted", it felt daring, almost like I was breaking the rules, yet I so wanted it to be true!

 Harry Truman optimism quote What updated self-definition do you want to embody? If you close your eyes and imagine your future, can you see yourself there, maybe happier or healthier or pain-free? This morning I got an alarming email from the IRS (you know this can't be good news!) then spent well over an hour on the phone with 2 agents chasing what I had thought was a solved problem. I was much less nervous than I would have been even a few months ago, knowing I had done the right thing. It turned out their multiple systems had not all been updated yet to say my debt had been paid weeks ago, which prompted that automatically-generated email. Whew!

The master teachers say if you want to accomplish something, do the work to get there, then act as if you're already there. See yourself in that new role, feel it, own it. I was concerned that the IRS did not have the same view of me that I did of myself, of a law-abiding tax-paying citizen, but I did not let their incorrect view change my own. Both agents I spoke with made notes on my account, saying they saw my payment had come in. Their view of me now agrees with mine; the tax databases just need to catch up. My self-image as a clear-sighted person is also becoming more true every day. You can do this too with your own goals. See your glass as half-full, and getting fuller.

For more on how your attitude about your vision or your life can affect the results you receive, click here.

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My skilled insightful EFT teacher Dr. Carol Look will be offering a new 3-week 6-session series starting in May, Unlock Your Abundance. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. Note that your own abundance challenge may be financial, or with health, relationships, or in some other area. We've had 2 activation sessions to get ready, in February and March, and one coming up this month in a few days. All of these will be available afterward when you register. You can check out the details here.

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