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Mid-August 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a spectacular Mid-August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was cut from a group shot at a recent energy medicine workshop. You might notice that I've blacked out the nametag of the woman behind me. Are you having fun learning new things with people you love?

Today's issue has an article about resisting your experience, and how it doesn't usually help. Enjoy!

Are you resisting your experience?
 pulling on a stubborn donkey It's pretty clear, looking at the drawing to the left, that the person will not be able to move the donkey, who seems like he's anchored to the ground. So why do we keep trying to move an immovable object (or beast)? Why not take a break, re-assess, maybe get help, or try a different strategy?

We've all heard the Einstein quote about continuing to try what hasn't worked in the past, and expecting a successful result this time, that this behavior is insanity. Sure, we need a few tries before we decide something is hopeless, and how many tries depends on the situation. We've also heard motivational stories about folks who persisted despite huge obstacles to achieve success. So how do you know whether to keep trying, or to stop and change direction?

I'm thinking of my wise energy teacher Deborah King here, who often answers questions like this with "Use your discernment". In other words, no one can make that decision for you. Only you know how tired you are, or how much enthusiasm and optimism you have left to keep going. And realize that often whichever path you choose to take, stay the course or give up and do something else, things will ultimately work out. All roads lead to Rome. And the consequences of every choice will teach you something valuable.

 Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain It may be useful to look outside yourself for guidance, to get away from your busy brain's thinking thinking thinking, going over and over the same mental territory and getting nowhere. A friend was spinning her wheels about her long-standing relationship, which had hit a big snag. She wasn't sure they could recover, and was stuck between "Should I stay with him?" and "Should I leave to start fresh and look for a new man?".

My friend decided to stop trying to solve this problem, and just go for a walk and open herself to whatever answers wanted to come in from God or the angels or Nature. As she walked, memories of good times together with her partner, and also of arguments, played out in her mind. She just noticed them, and stayed aware. Passing a woman sitting out on her balcony, she heard the loud music of the Four Seasons song "Let's Hang On To What We've Got" (don't let go 'cause we got a lot, got a lot of love between us....). This felt like a clear sign to her, and she walked on with firm resolve to work to strengthen and grow their relationship.

Maybe your "answer" will come from a bumper sticker, or billboard, or a dream or a chance remark overheard in the grocery store. And if you're not aligned with its message, you'll reject it, or take it as negative guidance of what you don't want to do. Good guidance reinforces what we already know, if we're honest with ourselves. If my friend had overheard someone saying "Leave the bum!" she would have recoiled, knowing her good man is NOT a bum!

If you resist your experience, in a way you are resisting yourself. You always have choices. If you don't like the job, negotiate to change it, or find a better one. Your power is in your attitude, and in your capability for action. How can you get what you want, and make it a win for the other people involved too? Maybe if the person in the first picture above could find something to lure the donkey forward, food or a donkey buddy, he'd move on his own without a struggle. See if you can make it easier on yourself.

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