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Mid-August 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a mighty, astounding, Mid-August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about overlooking the obvious. Enjoy!

Are You Ignoring Something Important?
 elephant in living room Most of us seem to have too much going on in our lives, what with work, health, family, friends, finances, and trying to make time for leisure pursuits too. With our attention spread so thin, it's understandable that we can ignore new or unusual input, unless it screams at us. So how do we keep from missing something essential, until it grows too big to be easily handled?

In my teens and twenties I read a great deal of science fiction and fantasy, loving the way this exercised my imagination. I'm now remembering a series of stories with the lead character, Thomas Covenant, having leprosy and being transported to a strange land where he was a hero, yet still had to manage his disease. Every morning when he woke up and every evening before bed he'd carefully check over his entire body, making sure he still had all his parts. (It wasn't clear what he would have done if he found he had lost a finger, for example.)

 rocks balancing on a see-saw Although I've forgotten most of Thomas Covenant's adventures by now, that regular twice-daily ritual stuck in my mind, making a big impression. It reminds me of the Thomas Jefferson quote "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom". Almost everyone wants freedom, yet "eternal vigilance" seems like a lot of work! Is the only way not to miss something important, to spend our lives obsessively checking that every little thing is OK? What about the ideal of work/life (or effort, then relax and play) balance?
Another quote, this one by Oscar Wilde: "Everything in moderation, including moderation". Most of us realize balance is key to a happy life, and too much or too little of anything probably isn't a good idea. Too much is addiction and compulsion, while too little can be avoidance and denial ("What elephant?"). I like Thomas Covenant's practice of attending to something important on a regular schedule, with a routine in place.
 Julia Cameron attention quote We already adhere to some sort of routine with our finances, perhaps paying bills every month, or with our cleanliness by washing regularly, or our health with periodic medical checkups. Something you don't want to forget can be tacked onto an existing routine, maybe scheduling an oil change for your car when the time arrives for your yearly doctor's exam. You can also write a reminder on your calendar to contact that relative next week, since you haven't talked in a while. Otherwise a month or more may go by until you think of it again. This assumes, of course, that you look at your calendar regularly!

To me we're here to learn, to connect with others, and to enjoy ourselves. Each of these is difficult if we walk around with the nagging feeling of having overlooked something important -- we can't fully relax. Staying reasonably organized, and remaining aware of the condition of the primary areas of our life, will keep anything big from falling through the cracks and creating a major problem. Hold on to the steering wheel of your life loosely, scanning the scenery for what needs attention. You're in charge of your direction, and your speed. So keep your eyes open for changes in the environment surrounding you, and have a good time on the ride!

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