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Mid-August 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical alluring Mid-August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about confidence. Enjoy!

Where do you get your confidence?
 prideful guy admiring himself You may have encountered someone who seems to have a naturally confident air, an ease about who he or she is, and wondered how that developed. Was the person born with it, or are they just lucky? It's not false and puffed-up like this guy admiring his reflection -- it's genuine.

As we grow, we make mistakes and we have successes. If there's too much focus on our "mistakes" (which could just be a way to do something the teacher or parent didn't expect), we may start to doubt ourselves. Harsh words from an authority figure can add to self-doubt, as we internalize those words, then start saying them to ourself.

 confidence pills Whenever I hear a friend say something like "I'm so stupid!", I cringe, and gently correct her. I wonder who said this to her a long time ago, until she started believing it. She is programming herself for more unwanted results, feeding that cycle of not feeling good about herself.

The opposite of this, praising yourself for a job well done, even if it's small, is a good habit to start developing. Think of a parent praising a child for tying his shoes, or doing well in a game or on a test at school. When the child doesn't do so well, let's hope the parent is kind and supportive, telling the child she'll do better next time, and she's still a good kid.

 fairy godmother Using the kind of self-talk a loving parent would is a natural confidence pill. Unfortunately, I don't think any such pill comes in a bottle. What also helps is remembering people who believed in you, perhaps family or teachers who have encouraged you in the past. Maybe someone supported your efforts when they were alive, and you can now visualize them as your personal cheerleader from Above. You have more folks rooting for you than you realize.

Finally, be sure to congratulate yourself for your small successes, even if today that's just getting that dreaded and long-postponed chore completed. Good for you! Don't wait until you climb a mountain to feel good about yourself. That mountain is climbed step by step, and every step is a small victory over inertia and inaction. Celebrate yourself, and your one-of-a-kind accomplishments. You're doing great!

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