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Mid-August 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical awesome Mid-August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about seeing and interpreting. Enjoy!

How did you see it?
 inspecting closely We're all familiar with the concept that multiple eye witnesses can see the same event completely differently, or that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Yet we're also sure that the way we ourselves see something is exactly how it is. As a skinny awkward child in thick eyeglasses, my mother signed me up for ballet lessons, I thought to make me more graceful. I also thought the glasses were a punishment for not seeing well enough. Maybe my mother just thought ballet would be fun for me.

When I wasn't the top ballet student (and I cringe at the memory of how uncomfortable I was in groups back then), I didn't continue after a year. If I'd been the best in the class, I would have won free lessons for the following year. This taught me I had to be the best or else be a failure, which is way too much pressure for a child. Maybe all it meant is that my skills lay elsewhere.

 porthole Seeing happens mostly in the brain. The eyes and their structure deliver the images, the colors, shapes, outlines, and depth. Then the brain makes meaning from this picture. We may perceive something as a threat or a problem, while someone else may "see" the same event as a pleasant surprise or even a treat. The founder of natural vision improvement, Dr. Bates, wrote about seeing better what pleases you. So if I have a better attitude, might I have better sight?

When we enjoy looking at something, we examine it more closely. Not necessarily inspecting it critically, seeking any flaws, instead appreciating the rich details. Think of looking at a baby's face, or a pleasant Nature scene rich with foliage, vibrant or subtle hues and textures and movement. The more we look in an interested curious way, the more details reveal themselves to us. I have challenged myself recently to look at my surroundings like this as often as I think of it, wherever I am, indoors or out.

 eye in the sky There is always something interesting to see. Often it's right in front of me, and if not I can keep exploring visually until I find it. If I can't find anything I want to continue to look at, I can close my eyes or do some palming, lazily examining the pictures in my mind's eye. Or I can just rest.

An hour ago I was struggling with my old heavy reel mower, whose blades start rusting if I don't use it for a while. The reel sticks until the blades get lubricated with newly cut wet grass. As it slowly started to turn, then jammed, then started to turn again, I saw the satisfying smoother surface of the mown lawn emerging behind me. I thought about vision improvement, how we can't force it. Trying to force the jammed mower digs a hole in the surface of the lawn. Gently, making sure there's enough lubrication (don't forget to blink!), steadily moving forward, gives me the results I want. The sight of the freshly mowed lawn, and the clean green smell coming in my open window, are so satisfying, as is clear vision. Easy does it!

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New book by a master EFT teacher
My skilled insightful EFT teacher Dr. Carol Look has written a new ebook, Overcoming Overwhelm. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. Nearly everyone I know, myself included, is dealing with feelings of overwhelm, and Carol's book will give you some guidance and support for dealing with it. You can check out the details here.

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