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Mid-December 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous mid-December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me in deep discussion with a friend. Have you had a heartfelt chat with someone you care about recently, who will really listen?

Today's issue has an article on exercise, and how a positive mindset can make it a lot more pleasurable. Enjoy!

Do you have a bad attitude about exercise?
 cartoon about exercise With the New Year fast approaching, you may be starting to think about resolutions, what you want to improve in your life. Near the top of most people's list is "get more exercise!". This is often said with a groan. What if you could look forward to your exercise, maybe even enjoy it? Wouldn't you prefer to see this as something you like to do, rather than a dreaded chore?

Most of us realize the vast benefits of exercise: better strength and balance and flexibility and endurance, quicker recovery from injury, improved stress management, more energy. Studies say exercise helps your brain as well as your body, maybe making you smarter! And some folks grit their teeth and work out regularly even though they don't like it, knowing all this. Wouldn't it be an added plus if we felt good while doing it too?

A certain type of exercise may be perfect for your friend or cousin, and all wrong for you. Running is not for everyone, nor is swimming, nor is working out with weights. If you hate it, no matter how enjoyable it is to others, you're not helping yourself. How does your body want to move? Dancing around the living room to old-time rock-and-roll? Going for a brisk walk outdoors, taking deep breaths of the fresh air? If you find something that makes you feel good in the moment as well as having long-term benefits, you're much more likely to stick with it.

Finally, consider enlisting a workout buddy, someone to accompany you to the gym or on that morning walk. You can encourage each other when your motivation is slumping. And a friend who knows you well and has similar fitness goals, whether it be to touch your toes or to lose enough weight to be able to see them, can make your joint exercise more fun. You're not in a solitary battle with that flab or shortness of breath. It's a team effort!

The human body was designed to move and stretch and reach and bend. Don't push yourself too hard and set unrealistic goals, or you might wind up getting injured, but do something. Experimient with a few types of exercise to find one that suits you, in a group or solo, focusing on strength or flexibility or balance. We're all different -- even if you have a twin, no one else on the planet is just like you. So maybe your personal exercise regimen ought to be unique too. Do something every day to celebrate your wonderful body, and to keep it functioning at its peak. Then look at your fit self in the mirror, grin, and say "Thank you!".

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