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Mid-December 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a merry Mid-December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about finding the right time for the activities you want to do. Enjoy!

A time to work, a time to play
 stopwatch Everyone I know seems to have too much to do and not enough time to do it, especially this time of year. "Take time to smell the roses" seems like a cruel joke. The Bible says "To everything there is a season, a time to work and a time to play". Is it possible there was more time available two thousand years ago?

Rushing through an activity with our mind on the next task, then the one after that, is not an efficient use of our attention and energy. Study after study has shown that so-called multi-tasking is not a time-saver at all. Instead you can lose time, completing each task later than if you had stayed with it, to the exclusion of anything else, until it was finished. Multi-tasking also leads to more mistakes from being distracted, with your mind not fully on the task in front of you.

 red roses Single-tasking is the way to get things done with the fewest mistakes and the least stress and frustration. Keep doing what you're doing until it's complete, or there's a natural break point where you can fully dis-connect from it. Then switch your total focus to the next task. You can plan in a single-minded fashion, or execute a project that way, but you'll find trying to finish one task while planning another can be the recipe for an accident or mistake.

If you decide to smell the roses, do that with your full focus. Really sink into that delicious fragrance. And you can do this in a minute or two if you give the rose all of your attention, so you're not "wasting time". Staying present with the task at hand, even if it's not as appealing as smelling the roses, can teach you to appreciate the ordinary. The present is indeed a gift, and that's not just word-play.

 you are here When it seems there's not enough time to get everything done on our long (and growing longer!) list, it's probably time to re-prioritize. Does the laundry or the vacuuming or paying those few bills really need to be done in the next few hours? Sometimes we may need to go through this exercise several times a day. What is urgent, and what can wait? Other people we're close to and care about are usually more worthy of our time, attention, and energy than cleaning up our in-box, for example.

No human here on Earth has more than 24 hours a day, and also has the same needs you do to sleep and eat and spend hours in what may seem like lower-priority or unproductive activities. Self-care is not optional! If you get sick from neglecting your basic needs, not only will you not get anything done while you're recovering, you'll feel rotten and you won't be able to help anyone else. Focus on one thing at a time, appreciating your ability to do so. There's plenty of time, and no time like the present.

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