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Mid-February 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous Mid-February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is cut from a group shot of friends I am clearly very happy to be with! Please spend time with people who bring you joy -- it's good for you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Today's issue has an article about how you might be blocking the good stuff coming your way, without even realizing it. Enjoy!

Are you blocking the good coming toward you?
 man partially covering his eyes Years ago when I was intensely studying dreams, trying to balance my overly logical analytical way of thinking with a better understanding of emotions (mine and those of others), my teacher Robert Moss used to talk about "what wants to happen". This confused me at first. Was he saying events have a consciousness? Later I came to see that he meant to "go with the flow", not to struggle and fight against it.

I'm sure you've experienced "everything going wrong", maybe sleeping through your alarm, rushing and spilling your coffee on your clean clothes, rushing more to change to new pants, only to lose another 15 minutes searching futilely for your car keys, which are in the pocket of the pants in the laundry with coffee on them! You're very late to work, feeling grumpy all day. What wanted to happen that you ignored?

Well, hindsight is 20/20, but perhaps you could have proceeded in a leisurely fashion, gotten to work a little late, and stayed late to make up for that. Or you could have skipped gulping a speedy breakfast at home, giving yourself indigestion in the process, and picked up an egg sandwich on the way to work to eat at your desk. "What wanted to happen" seems to be that you overslept -- how you react to that can make the situation better or worse. We usually have more choices than we recognize in the moment.

About blocking the good, when we respond in a relaxed way to whatever happens, often something unexpected and wonderful comes from that. In the example above, if we accept that we'll be late if we eat at home and instead stop to get a sandwich, we might run into an old friend, or someone new to date. We can just leave our business card and promise to contact the person later. We'll be in a good mood because we feel in control of our life, and we're not rushing. This sounds so much better than being stuck home, cranky, still looking for our keys!

If you're in a situation which seems to be getting worse no matter what you do, what might be called for is to do nothing right now. Stop and think, evaluate. What are your choices? Do you need to ask for help, or maybe change direction and do something different? Does what you want to accomplish still make sense, still feel realistic and possible? Deciding to change direction is often the height of wisdom. It takes the sting out of "failure" if you accept that it means you were a success at learning what not to do. See yourself in partnership with Life, dancing smoothly together. No toes are getting stepped on, you're improving with practice, and you're fully enjoying yourself.

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