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Mid-February 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a mighty favorable Mid-February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about self-care, from a different viewpoint than you might expect. Enjoy!

How is your self-care?
 woman sleeping Many people think of "self-care" as self-indulgence, giving themselves a treat, like getting a massage or manicure or going out for a fancy dinner. Or perhaps physical self-care comes to mind, getting enough restful sleep or nutritious food or regular exercise. Have you ever thought about emotional self-care?

Emotions can often be dismissed, if to pay attention to them would be inconvenient. Think of a well-meaning parent urging a child not to be sad, for example. This kind of training can lead a sensitive youngster to ignore her own sadness as an adult, or suppress it with an unhealthy behavior like over-indulging in sweets. Or perhaps your fear or your anger was minimized, or even ridiculed when you were younger, instead of supported with comfort and understanding.

 cartoon of being frightened Spiritual teachers say the first step to making peace with uncomfortable emotions is to recognize them. Acknowledge that you feel insecure, or jealous, or furious, or threatened. You may not want to tell anyone else (except maybe a very close friend or your journal), but not being honest about your feelings to yourself is asking for trouble. Those unexpressed emotions will stay in your body, and could eventually make you sick.

Once you know clearly how you feel, you can decide what to do about it. This might be nothing more than laughing gently at yourself for being human and fallible. Or maybe a conversation is in order, or even an apology. Most of us are doing the very best we can, and any day we don't make a huge mistake is a good day!

 fairy godmother Thinking more about emotional self-care, your "need" to reach for that sweet treat, or to buy that expensive outfit (or car), or to ingest that toxic substance, may be to avoid an uncomfortable feeling. Even if you can't name the feeling yet, beyond just a vague "restless" or "bored", could you find a less self-destructive method of coping? If you can look ahead a bit, and you see you'll regret this behavior, are you sure you really want to do it?

Socrates said the unexamined life isn't worth living. Please don't go through your precious life on auto-pilot. Pay attention to your feelings, which make up your intuitive guidance system. Call on your guardian angel or fairy godmother or a friend for support, if you need to be heard. Especially if your feelings were ignored when you were growing up by your busy parents, give them air time now. Emotions are the juice of Life, the spices which make every experience sweeter, or more savory, or pungent. Who wants bland?

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