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Mid-February 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous fantastic Mid-February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about learning by doing. Enjoy!

Learning by doing
 cartoon about leaving a comfort zone My energy healing teacher Deborah King has often advised her students not to take notes, that the work is experiential. Studying books, reading, writing, and especially thinking thinking thinking has been my own comfort zone, so this "limitation" stretched me more than I would have expected. How was I to learn if I couldn't take notes?

Friends in the class who have also been academically focused, relying on their books and notes to get through school, have expressed similar frustration and confusion about what felt like a restriction. This was our chance to expand our horizons, to learn a new way of learning! Looking back, it was a gift, not a roadblock.

 artificial leg In my early 20s at my new corporate job, I was starting to feel too sedentary. I went for a walk every day at lunch time, and joined a few volleyball teams, but this still didn't feel like enough activity for me. Rather than reading about exercise, I started running around the block before work, then around the block a few times, then to the end of town and back. My body was so grateful!

What if the handicapped runner in the photo above only read books about running, dreaming about it and imagining the feeling, rather than giving it a try. So much would have been missed! In my own road racing days I saw many runners in wheelchairs. Then I wondered about those seemingly able-bodied folks who saw me running around my neighborhood and told me, almost apologetically, "Oh, I can't run". I couldn't see any obvious reason why not. Reading about it, or watching others do it, just isn't the same.

 can't to can You've heard the saying "Experience is the best teacher". Would you rather learn from someone who has actually done what you're hoping to understand better, or who has only taken a class about it? I've been studying vision improvement for almost 20 years, yet I think my real strength as a vision educator is that I've improved my own vision so much, as well as helped many clients to do so.

One of the advantages of doing something to learn about it is that you also learn what not to do. Rare is the person who follows a straight upward and forward path to gaining a new skill. Mistakes are part of learning. (Alcoholics Anonymous says "relapse is part of recovery.") And again, learning from your mistakes will make you a better teacher. Growing that new ability can include more study, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak -- you have to practice the task to get better at it. Even if practice doesn't make you perfect, you'll improve.

To read about an approach to vision improvement which is not thinking about it, but experiencing it, click here.

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