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Mid-February 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous fun Mid-February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how your fears may not really be your own. Enjoy!

Are those fears yours?
 being scared cartoon During an unusually busy period recently, I almost ran out of food in the freezer, when I'm accustomed to having several bowls of food cooked ahead of time, ready to thaw, then reheat and eat. I could feel myself getting anxious about this, more than my familiar perfectionist worry of "I can't get everything done!". I joked to a friend that the cupboard was bare -- oh no! Yet I didn't feel comfortable until I'd done some cooking and re-filled the freezer.

Since this fear of running out of food was so strong, yet didn't make sense logically, I wanted to investigate it. What was going on here? Could this be related to some ancestral memory from my Irish heritage, folks living during the Irish Potato Famine in the mid-1800s, when there was a real danger of starving to death? Or maybe it's inherited from my mother, who grew up in a large poor family, when there truly was a scarcity of food for all those hungry mouths. All right, wherever it originated, it isn't helpful for me to hold onto this fear of not enough food now, since it doesn't fit my present circumstances.

 frightened child Most things which don't make sense in my life eventually lead me to explore what they might have to do with my vision. Since I was very young I've been afraid of not seeing well enough. As a child the solution to this was glasses, then stronger glasses every year as I grew. These devices forced me to see clearly enough to function and excel at most things. However the glasses didn't do anything to address my fear. Again, I have to wonder if this fear is truly mine, as I can usually see what I need to see, especially if I can keep myself calm.

My mother got eyeglasses as a teen, and has told me she was stuck behind a tall boy in school, since the students were seated alphabetically. She really could not see the blackboard or teacher well, being physically blocked. So maybe this fear of not being able to see is partly hers, not mine. I'm also thinking of the news and advertisers who prey on our fears, feeding us stories of disaster and disease to keep our attention and attract our dollars. How much of this drummed-up fear do we need to hold onto, if any?

 mindful image My vision improvement practices and study have led me to spend as much time on emotional exploration as on so-called "eye exercises". If I'm feeling fearful or worried, it's often the case that I am over-focusing my attention on little details, trivialities or minutiae. I'm not seeing the big picture, the reality which is right in front of my eyes, just like the man in the image to the left. It's clear the dog is "in the moment" and enjoying it, unlike the man who is lost in his thoughts.

When my desktop computer died recently and I had several Zoom meetings coming up, I needn't have panicked, which I pretty much did. I still had a tablet and cell phone to use. This wasn't ideal, but certainly was not a disaster. I am slowly learning that things usually work out for the best. Are there fears you're hanging onto, maybe about your health or someone else's, or about finances or world affairs, which are standing in the way of your peace and optimism? Do what you can about this, then see if you can let some of these worries go, appreciating the many things in your life which are going right.

For most of my life I've been afraid of not seeing well enough, very worried about my vision. For more on this, click here.

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